7:21 PM yesterday Alden commented on This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: Jill Stein and the DEMONocracy.
Since Truman, a party has held the White House for three terms one time - its a very hard thing to do. It *almost* happened a second time with Clinton but Trump threaded a series of needles and blundered into a freak win - the weirdest presidential vote in history.

Then everybody goes rushing back to construct a bunch of just so stories that explain why this outcome was inevitable - "this thing that I've been saying for years the Democrats should do, if only they'd done it they'd have won! Its obvious!". And then people quarrel about who's counterfactual, alternate history, parallel universe is the best. Its such a crock.
Dec 2 Alden commented on Trump Voter Rudely Woke Month After Trump Wins Election.
Every person I know who voted for Trump did so in spite of the fact that Trump was the nominee. That is to say, they are people who always vote Republican and even Donald fucking Trump was not enough to deter them from doing it yet again. And every single one of them is already washing their hands of it and saying they never wanted him anyhow and spinning bizarre tales for how Donald Trump is the fault of the Democrats (!!!)

What a world. I imagine that a couple years from now when the question of the day has become "Who rules Bartertown?", they'll retroactively impeach Barack Obama.

Dec 2 Alden commented on Trump Supporters Panic; File Lawsuit to Stop Recount.
Geeze what a mess. Just imagine the mayhem in 2020.

Thanks for the wisdom, founders.
Nov 30 Alden commented on Trump's Cabinet Picks Include Betsy DeVos, a Major Funder of Conversion (or "Ex-Gay") Therapy Groups.
Its important to understand that the Republican part is a machine built to cut taxes on rich people, deregulate commerce and advance the whims of the holy rollers. It is incapable of doing anything else. The real menace of the Trump Administration is not Donald Trump - its the Republican party.

If anything, Trump is preferable to an establishment GOP figure like, say, Ted Cruz. Who would be pursuing the exact same policies but he'd be doing it with savvy and discretion.
Nov 29 Alden commented on Please Stop Asking Poor Old John McCain Questions About Dumb Old Donald Trump.
The weird thing about this flag burning business is how old fashioned it seems. Ditto with all the dinosaurs and retreads clustering around the incipient Trump Administration. Its like all these ghostly grudges from the 90s (and earlier) come back to haunt us.

They'll probably come after Robert Maplethorpe next. No reason to let the fact that he's been dead for almost 30 years slow them down.
Nov 29 Alden commented on The Morning News: Evacuation Order at Standing Rock, Matt Hickey in Court, Jon Grant Running for City Council.
I imagine that @6 will be right there to remind us that Clinton voted for the Iraq war when Trump sends the Marines into Iran next year.

The only good thing about Clinton losing the election is that nobody has to try to defend the stupid politics she pursued during the Bush administration any more.

Nov 28 Alden commented on Trump Is Also One of The Losers Benefitting from Fake News.
@21 What do counties have to do with anything?

There are counties out there which went for Obama twice and then went to Romney. And there's probably some insight to be found in why this was the case for each one. But the story of this election is that reliable republicans voted reliably for the republican. This is not exactly earth-shaking news. If there's any lesson to be learned its that there is no depth to which the GOP can sink which will alienate rich the well educated, economically secure people who make up the core of the Republican voting coalition.
Nov 27 Alden commented on Army Corps Says It Will Break Up Standing Rock Camp by December 5, Proposes "Free Speech Zone" Instead.
@15 Their claims aren't based on thousands of years of anything. They are based on formal treaties to which the US Government is a signatory. And to basic principles of justice - if the people of Bismark N.D. are entitled to clean water, than so are they.
Nov 27 Alden commented on Army Corps Says It Will Break Up Standing Rock Camp by December 5, Proposes "Free Speech Zone" Instead.
@10 - The Army Corps of Engineers isn't quite the same thing as the U.S. Army. There is some overlap, but its more like the construction division of the federal government. They are responsible for flood control projects, inland waterways, dams, locks, and things of that nature.

If these people are removed by force, the force will be applied by civil police.
Nov 18 Alden commented on Yes, There is a Legislative Route to Eliminating the Electoral College. It Doesn't Involve Faithless Electors..
Since the EC is the only way the current GOP coalition will ever win the White House again, expect to see lots of lofty principles deployed in its defense in coming years. And/or lots of non-sequitur chaff as ably demonstrated by 1, 2 and 3.