7:05 AM Alden commented on Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's Message to Donald Trump: "Work With Us, Otherwise You Will Hurt This Country".
@3 Or, "I used to be a democrat but since John Lewis called Donald Trump illegitimate, I'm furious about Chappaquiddick".
Jan 17 Alden commented on The Best "Fuck You, Pedestrians"? Stewart Street and Denny Way.
@1 So there's some trick to street light timing that will eliminate grid lock?

Somebody should let them know about that over in New York.
Jan 17 Alden commented on Crowd At MLK Rally Boos Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
Yesterday it was the White Working Class who put Trump over the top. Today its Evangelicals. What will it be tomorrow? Connecticut Stock Brokers? Main Street Rotarians? Retired wood shop teachers? Whichever GOP-voting constituency is most convenient for the rhetorical task at hand, I guess.

Jan 15 Alden commented on Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal Won't Be Attending the Inauguration.
@6 Its better than sitting through a Toby Keith set.
Jan 13 Alden commented on The Morning News: State Supreme Court Rules Against Grays Harbor Oil Terminal, DOJ Opens Comey Investigation.
@3 You'd have to ask Jesus if there's an exemption for her - its his rule.
Jan 10 Alden commented on Rex Tillerson to Humans: You Must Adapt to Global Warming.
@1 Well, systematic regulation organized at the planetary scale would work. All you're really doing is re-iterating Mudede's point about externalities with the tone changed from exasperation to resignation.

If we're not careful, people are going to start calling the US a rogue state.
Jan 5 Alden commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
Its certainly not Putin's fault that the American media wanted to portray the presidential election as a popularity contest between the apple-polishing student body president and the cheerfully sociopathic ne'er do well son of the local mill owner. Without the amplification eagerly provided by the New York Times, et. al., those leaked emails would have had no influence on the election at all - because there was nothing in them.

Its all a lot like the last time the GOP won an open White House - a loss in the popular vote, some crazy mayhem around the edges and Al Gore's earth tones.
Jan 3 Alden commented on I, Anonymous.
Also, that mouse would not hesitate to kill and eat you if it had the power to do so.
Dec 13, 2016 Alden commented on White Media Outlets Are Trying Not to Blame White Rural Voters For Shooting Themselves in the Foot.
What good would my sympathy do them anyhow?

Its obvious as a matter of practical politics that if the cost of pursuing these voters is the betrayal or rejection of the urban constituencies that form the core of the Democratic Party, then that cost is too high. People want to talk as if these are votes the Democrats simply left on the table out of neglect but that's wrong - the would have been a price to pay for picking them up.

And further, those White Rural Voters who pulled the lever for Trump couldn't have pulled off the win without all those well educated, white collar, "fiscally conservative, socially liberal" who also pulled the lever for Trump in the suburbs of Milwaukee and Philadelphia. These are voters who should have known better.