It's not very popular.

Jul 30 Alden commented on Why I'm Done With the Democrats: The Blood Is Too Much.
You're the one who has to live with yourself, so I'm not going to say you're doing the wrong thing. But I am curious if this is a straw breaks the camel's back sort of thing because the US government generally and prominent Democrats in particular have been complicit in the murderous rampages of our clients around the world before.

And I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the practical effect of your abstinence will be either nothing at all or the empowerment of a party that is no better in this regard and much, much worse in others. But oops, I just did.
Jul 28 Alden commented on Guest Editorial: The Rent Is Too Damn High, Let's Get It Under Control.
It seems to me the properly socialist policy is state ownership of the means of production. And that means public housing. So if the city wants affordable housing (which it should!) the city should build it.

While I don't have any objections to rent control on principle, I'm skeptical about it as sound policy. And I'm particularly skeptical of claims that we are smart while New York and San Francisco are stupid.
Jul 17 Alden commented on Russia Accused of Shooting Down Malaysian Passenger Plane in Ukraine, Killing Nearly 300 People.
The silly thing about the analogies to Hitler and whatnot is that we now know that Hitler wanted World War 2 to happen. Leaders of other countries, back in the 1930s, did not.

So what actual insight is to be found in such an analogy? Are you claiming that these actions reveal that Putin wants WW3?
Jul 17 Alden commented on A New Structure Is Discovered at the Center of Our Galaxy.
@3 - there is a region around a black hole, but outside the "trapped forever" boundary, where space time is spinning. Because of conservation of angular momentum and all that jazz, some stuff gets ejected outwards along the axis of rotation.
Jul 1 Alden commented on Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton Give Very Different Answers on the Hobby Lobby Ruling.
I don't believe for a minute that Hillary Clinton cares about income equality. I'll vote for her in spite of this obvious fact. Because whoever the Republicans nominate will be worse on every single issue.
Jun 25 Alden commented on CNN: Mental Health and Not the NRA Is the Problem.
@4 oh! an "ilk", is it? Forsooth.

Whenever I see that kind "2nd Amendment" shirt-tucking nonsense, I'm reminded of something Antonin Scalia said in another context: the constitution is not a suicide pact.
Jun 10 Alden commented on "Skyping in" Your DJ Set is Now a Reality.
*shrug* people will pay to see some guy play records.
May 30 Alden commented on It’s Time to Turn Your Back on Amazon.
The f-d up thing about Amazon is that they are *not* doing this stuff in pursuit of profits - Amazon barely squeaks by. Google "amazon profit" sometime.

Amazon represents a failure of the market - a company with its poor performance should be punished with falling stock values but that never seems to happen. Maybe because shareholders are waiting until it has completely destroyed the entire retail sector at which point we can have Amazon's boot on our faces forever.
May 30 Alden commented on Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Beginning of Obvious Justness for African Americans.
#2 obviously didn't read the thing - he's making all the wrong glib, stupid arguments.
May 30 Alden commented on "Can You Give Me Head Later?".
I'll admit that I'm a terrible person. But its not because I don't feel any shame after reading some of that stuff.

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