2:14 PM yesterday Alden commented on The Week in Weed: Trump Declares War on Pot, Weed Goes Nuclear, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg talk 'Greenery'.
@1 More like you'll see people also on the boards of the private prison industry and related segments of the economy that make a beautiful dollar incarcerating as many Americans as possible.
Feb 23 Alden commented on Hey, Dave Reichert: Look at All of These Town Halls Where No One Is Getting Hurt.
Why would he want to show up for a meeting with people who *did* vote for him, then? He already has their votes. So, its just for the attaboys? Your argument proves too much, Sawant.

I think Reichart is correct in his assessment that showing up to these things would not advantage him. If he wants to stay out of public view for the next couple years, that's his call.
Feb 15 Alden commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Eight: Rush.
@1 *raises hand*

I did at one point pretend to not like Cheap Trick, though.
Feb 15 Alden commented on Obamacare and Why Socialism Is Good For Business.
And more on topic, @3, countries with more state intervention in health care generally get better health care outcomes for less money. If your priority is to save a few bucks, you should be rooting for single payer.
Feb 15 Alden commented on Obamacare and Why Socialism Is Good For Business.
When I was a kid, Reagan and other conservative sorts would talk argue for free market solutions because rising tides lift all boats. Forty years on, things haven't worked out that way. And they don't make arguments like that any more. We get stuff like @3 "We've got better things to do with our valuable money than spend it on health care for old poor people!". Or you even see them standing up for the dignity of money itself, indignant at the proposition that the market be harnessed to any purpose other than the concentration of capital.

What a world.
Feb 14 Alden commented on Michael Flynn: That Deescalated Quickly, Over And Out, You're Fired, Etc..
So long as he's not replaced with somebody equally demented, this greatly reduces the odds that we'll end up in a stupid war with Iran.

So long as Trump will sign the legislation they put on his desk and appoint the judges the Heritage Foundation tells him to, the GOP Congress will be content to leave Trump alone to clown around with foreign policy and build his hotel empire. There will be no impeachment.
Feb 12 Alden commented on Republican Lawmaker Uses Form E-mail to Blast People Who Send Him Form E-mails.
@15 - Well, forsooth on how people vote.

But its a bit of a shock to see a history of the collapse of the New Deal coalition that does not include a mention of the mid-century civil rights movement.

FDR did nothing about segregation because that was the price southern democrats demanded for their support of the New Deal. Truman didn't continue this arrangement, integrated the military and Strom Thurmond et.al. bolted the party in response. That's where the Dixiecrats came from - in 1948. FDR had been dead for 3 years by then.

Eventually, all those ye olde segregationists migrated to the GOP where they (or their ghosts, at least) remain to this day.

This, combined with sustained, systematic attacks on industrial labor unions (the most devastating of which has been the movement of production out of the country to jurisdictions where they're only too happy to shoot stikers dead in the street), is what broke the New Deal coalition.

There will be no recovering FDR's coalition, no matter how polite the city mice are to the country mice. Because the world that gave rise to that coalition is long gone. Farmers are just another type of industrial capitalist now.

Feb 10 Alden commented on ITMFA Watch.
@1 - Even if one was to accept your strategic advice, what are "The Democrats" supposed to do about twitter memes? And in what way does a twitter meme let them off the hook?

I think Tim Egan's analysis of American politics - i.e. "it will not win them an election in 2018" is dead wrong. Anybody who would claim that hasn't been paying attention to politics for the past few years. The Republicans were relentless in opposing everything and then look what happened - what price did they pay? As Egan himself says, they are kicking Democrat ass.

Obama tried negotiating in good faith and look where it got us. Mitch McConnell ably demonstrated a more effective strategy. Why wouldn't this same strategy work for the Democrats?
Feb 9 Alden commented on Wouldn't It Be Great If Trump's Nordstrom Freakout Got Him Impeached? Or Kellyanne Conway Indicted?.
No way. He'll finish his term.

But he may stop showing up for work. Who'd even notice?
Feb 9 Alden commented on Senator Jeff Sessions Is Now the U.S. Attorney General.
@12 Ted Cruz has been showboating for years. But I guess its ok because its not misandry?