May 13 Alden commented on On the Blabbermouth Podcast: What Democrats Need to Do Now That Trump Has Fired Comey.
@6 I guess its not your fault you didn't know what Clinton "stood for". Alas, the Democratic Party doesn't have the resources to send people to every home in America with a copy of the party platform to wave under every voter's nose.

Its not like the media had any time to cover policy - not when there were burning hot stories about email server management best practices to run.
Apr 27 Alden commented on Seattle Times Is Providing PR for Boeing's Greedy Execs.
@3 And when that happens, it's going to be, what, poetic justice?

"when unions get greedy" he posts under an article about Boeing Executives plotting a 14 billion dollar stock buyback.

Get your irony gauge checked, laddie.
Apr 25 Alden commented on Senator Patty Murray Is Trying to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy Nationwide.
It seems like if an adult wants to consent to this kind of procedure, they outta be able to do it. But it gets a lot more ambiguous when its a minor being compelled by their parents. And unless you want to call children "property", a lot of the standard libertarian bromides run up on the rocks in that context.
Apr 17 Alden commented on Andrew Sullivan to Black and Brown People: You're Poor Because You're Not Hardworking Like Asians.
Andrew Sullivan is always on the lookout for evidence of what the heck is wrong with black people. Going clear back into the 90s with his flogging of the Bell Curve over at TNR.

This is just one of the many reasons he's horrible.
Apr 10 Alden commented on The Morning News: Uncle Ike's Owner Appears to Be Insensitive to the Racial History of the CD, What's Worse than Finding Bits of Rat in Your Salad?.
racism isn't a moral defect, its a logical fallacy.

What white people brought to that corner is not superior moral qualities, but access to capital that your typical black american could never dream of.
Apr 7 Alden commented on We Just Bombed Syria.
@14 - Good grief.

You neglected to remind us that Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq invasion.

Check it out:…
Mar 28 Alden commented on Congress Votes on Giving Away Your Internet Privacy Today.
Freedom yes, but for WHOM? To do WHAT?
Mar 24 Alden commented on Kshama Sawant and Other Jill Stein Supporters Must Know That Trumpcare's Demise Is Not a Real Victory.
@3 I don't think anybody of political consequence (i.e. votes that democrats might get) will think Trumpcare would have been better. Here's the first poll on AHCA public opinion that came up in google:… Note that this is a Rasmussen poll being frontpaged at Newsmax.

There was never any substantial support for this bill, or hope that it would be "better" than PP/ACA.

This was an unmitigated disaster for Paul Ryan's lifetime quest to undo the Great Society and New Deal. They' won't get another shot at Medicaid like this one for a generation. How it pans out for Trump, who knows. He's demonstrated, pretty decisively, that he is useless for legislative efforts. All that's left for him is to play golf, make a fool of himself at state dinners and rake in hundreds of millions in graft through his companies. The nation can endure that just fine.
Mar 20 Alden commented on Make Sure Your MAGA-Hat Wearing Relatives Watch This.
People talk about these matters as if bumming out the denizens of Breitbart comment threads is a matter of political consequence.

It won't be Trump Superfans that drive Donald Trump from office in 3 years and change.
Mar 19 Alden commented on Watching Trump Get Punked By Foreign Leaders Would Be Funnier If It Weren't So Sad.
If Donald Trump wants to know if the intelligence services tapped his wires at Trump Tower, all he has to do is pick up the phone and ask them - he's their boss. Or is the idea that the "globalist deep state" is loyal to Obama so the NSA et. al. would lie to him?

So ridiculous that people are even having this conversation. "concept of Obama tapping Trump's phones or those of his campaign workers is well within the realm of possibility" my ass.