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Aug 18 2Old_Fred3 commented on Robots Are Coming for Your Jobs.
Wait, you're saying I have to WORK for my $40 an hour instead of programming useless Amazon apps? GET OUT OF TOWN.
Aug 18 2Old_Fred3 commented on White Musicians Who Make Loads of Money From Black Culture Have Nothing to Say About Ferguson?.
Yet you all feel the need to defend yourself like we're living in post-race america.... riiiiiight.
Jul 28 2Old_Fred3 commented on Are the Blue Angels Pilots Looking at Porn While Flying Over Seattle Right Now?.

I can only hear Forest Gump in my mind...
Jul 10 2Old_Fred3 commented on Drinking Outside Versus Pot Outside: Which Is Better?.
What if we just kept doing what we've always been doing and smoked / drank where the fuck ever we wanted? The "legalization" has changed nothing except people who were terrified of the terrible "dangers" of this "drug" and the fact that it makes it a TINY BIT harder for cops to harass people of color. Carry on, and PLEASE, if you blaze in the park, share.
Burn corners and trade bowls. Bring different strains / flavors to the table. Weed and social smoking is a communal thing, so don't be a Seattle-ite about it. Say high to each other.
Jul 8 2Old_Fred3 commented on So Where Do I Smoke All This Legal Pot Again?.
This article is a joke. And yeah, #13 where's the article for "Where do I smoke weed if I'm black?" Because THAT ACTUALLY holds ground as a real question. Fuck tourists. They can eat a dick and die.
Jun 4 2Old_Fred3 commented on The Future with Vox Mod.
Congratulations Scott you're officially not a hipster!! IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN.
Jun 3 2Old_Fred3 commented on The Stranger Gets Amazon Employees to Comment—Here's What They Said!.
but..... it IS a class-war. We just aren't necessarily fighting it ourselves. We're all pawns.
May 16 2Old_Fred3 commented on Public Transportation and Collective Irrationality.
Fuck it. Lower the population.
May 9 2Old_Fred3 commented on Cyclists Should Be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs.
Bike like everyone is trying to kill you and you will always be safe. Don't be an asshole, and make good judgement. If you can't, DARWINISM.
May 2 2Old_Fred3 commented on 35 Photos From Seattle May Day 2014.
I hope we learned a lesson in judging people you don't know.

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