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Fish Wrench Asteroid is probably writing the last post on a thread no one will read.
Nov 14, 2011 Fish Wrench Asteroid reviewed Tacos Chukis.
I fear that the people of Seattle will go through life not knowing the joy of Tacos Chukis due to the fact that it is in the worst possible location for a restaurant in the history of mankind.

It's on the top floor of the Alley on Broadway. Yeah next to the henna, piercing, and tattoo parlors. I didn't know they were there either until I was going to Kimchee Bistro and saw the teeny sign at the base of the stairs. Tacos Chukis does not make itself easy to find.

What they lack in business sense, they make up for in grilled burritos that earn the distinction of being the first I've eaten in Seattle that don't require salt or extra hot sauce because get this: Tacos Chukis food has flavor. That's how they set themselves apart from places like Poquitos, Barrio, and La Cocina. Yes, Chukis is a taco stand, but the food kicks the ass of all the above mentioned cynical holes.

So go there and eat good tacos so they don't go out of business. Go there so they can move to a place that can attract some foot traffic. I can't do it alone, but I will enjoy the effort.
Jan 13, 2011 Fish Wrench Asteroid reviewed Julia's Restaurant.
I walked into this place, and the server seemed really upset that I had done so. He mumbled about the dining room being closed, and that if I wanted to I could sit at the bar or something. It was as if he was doing me a favor by allowing me to eat there.

How does this place stay in business? Is it a front for a drug cartel? Is the owner a multimillionaire on a lark, an just opened a restaurant ironically?

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