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Fish Wrench Asteroid is probably writing the last post on a thread no one will read.
Aug 23, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on Enough with the Dystopias, Already.
Read Existence by David Brin. It's exactly about this subject. It might start out kind of feeling distopian, but it's the opposite. It's ambitious and earnest and intelligent, which will cue in most people a reflexive urge to trash it.

Also Our Better Angels by Steven Pinker makes a strong case that we're not as bad as we think we are. And that we're not currently as bad as we were.

What I'm personally tired of is cynicism in fiction. (And internet comments) The world is as those who wield power make it. People that wield power don't have to be monsters.
Aug 8, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on I, Anonymous.
Oh, and @24, Yes. Thank you. You rock.

A society that doesn't respect cooks doesn't deserve to eat.
Aug 8, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on I, Anonymous.
Yes, let's all shame working Americans. If you're not a hedge-fund manager, you are a loser, and should be ashamed of yourself.

1. Don't make fun of people for things that are outside of their control.

2. Be forgiving of others' occasional pettiness. Every single one of us has been a jerk (Some of us in this very thread) The guy making fun of you was probably insecure, and a little drunk and took the short road to increasing his status among his friends by mocking you.
Jul 20, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on Savage Love.
My boyfriend, drunkenly, ashamedly, admitted being jealous of my cats.

So I started petting him like I do my cats. I didn't tell him that's what I was doing, I just slowly integrated more casual affectionate physical contact into my interactions with him.

Being a closeted awkward kid, I didn't get a lot of human physical contact growing up, so I became far more comfortable being affectionate toward animals. His jealousy helped me become more comfortable communicating my affection toward him.

I don't think he's jealous of my cats anymore, but I'm still pretty sure he doesn't know he's dating a robot.
Jul 19, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on The Friday Morning News.
@8 @10 In the article, a person broke up with their loving partner of three years, having discussed marriage and children in a two minute phone call...

That doesn't give anyone pause? Is going crazy over your heart ripped out so casually, male privilege? After making promises about the future, and gaining someone's trust, you owe them nothing? It's a privilege for them to try to change someone's mind?

But a man broke up with me once after we'd planned to move to another city together. There is just as much entitlement, privilege, and removal of agency in claiming the right to break all your promises, take back all your commitments, and then claim the right to never hear that person again, casually, and over the phone.
May 14, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack.
Check how kitty aims at the highest point of gravity then rolls when she makes contact to maximize transfer of her kinetic energy to the dog. Kitty didn't attack with her claws or bite. Her goal wasn't to harm the dog. She didn't hiss or posture or puff up. Kitty did the the most expedient and effective thing kitty could possibly do to separate the dog from her friend at the risk of her own life. Kitty isn't just a hero, she's a physics supercomputer.
May 11, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on Saturday Comic.
This is how the majority of people feel about depression. That is how they look. That is how they sound.
May 1, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on An Anti-Capitalist March Is on the Move from Seattle Central Community College to... ?.
Superheroes are anarchists.

They operate above the law. They act in the name of ideals before law. Often times their physical power is so much greater than that wielded by the state, they are ungovernable. We worship them because their judgement and morality render governance over them unnecessary.

Corporations are anarchist. They follow the rule of law only when breaking the law is more costly than following it. Their political and financial power renders them ungovernable. They have that power because profit is a corporations top and only goal which has led them inexorably to dismantling the rule of law where it impedes their pursuit of profit.

Everybody here is on the same team.
May 1, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on Why Labor Supports This Seattle Minimum Wage Compromise.
I worry that rents and groceries will follow the exact same chart. The professional owners of things in this city can just raise how much they charge for necessities based on the percentage of the wages they get from the workers. If I make 1600 a month now, and pay half that in rent, what's to stop my landlord from raising my rent the so he still takes home %50?
May 1, 2014 Fish Wrench Asteroid commented on Stupid May Day Threats.
Every single person I've met today had no idea what was going on. They didn't know what the protests were for. Every single person I have spoken to regarding the protests were worried about getting in and out of downtown, or whether the protesters were dangerous.

It's an imperfect sample, but I work with a mix of blue and white collar people, and a fair number of travelers. %100 have a mildly negative opinion of the protests, and no knowledge of what people are protesting.

My conversations with 'normals' today feeds the suspicion that this kind of protest has been totally isolated and contained.

What if the gear is now a spinning wheel? Protesters, in their isolation, affirm each other's efforts. Reports on a bit of police violence, and broken windows are allowed through the media to foster the protesters' illusion of relevance in the eyes of the powerful.

So a bunch of people have expended a bunch of energy, time, and money. I hope it was fun for them. Because from here, it looks like the only effect of the protest was the inconvenience of people slightly less disenfranchised than the protesters.

So if the point is to change the world; to change policy, is to change the minds of people that control policy. If a march and a protest is an attempt to change the opinions of the general public, then the goal of the protest is flawed. The Princeton 'Testing Theories of American Politics' study shows that billionaires own our government outright.

If that's the case then any protest or advocacy that does not either undermine the aristocracy's power or appeal to change their minds changes nothing. If this is the world we live in now, then don't call your Senator or Congressman, call the billionaire they work for. Don't protest in the streets, protest in front of the billionaire's homes. Apply energy where the gears have teeth.

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