Achieve the Four Modernizations.

1:00 PM Goldy commented on Can You Spot the Historical Inaccuracy In the Preview for Ridley Scott's New Biblical Epic?.
But then again, I guess the biggest historical inaccuracy is the Bible itself.
12:59 PM Goldy commented on Can You Spot the Historical Inaccuracy In the Preview for Ridley Scott's New Biblical Epic?.
Also, it looks like they're using steel swords in the Bronze Age.
10:50 AM yesterday Goldy commented on The Morning News: ISIS, Russia, Cherish.
@8 Thanks for your concern. I'm doing just fine hawking my skills since leaving The Stranger. Not driving a Lexus, but I am enjoying my knew Prius C.

Not sure why you think attacking me personally is an effective argument against a livable minimum wage, but if you don't mind wasting your effort, I don't mind.
Aug 18 Goldy commented on The Most Misleading Seattle Times Editorial Ever?.
@18 Paul is the King of Slog; if it was between me and him, I'd have fired me.

In general, I appreciate the kind words, but save the criticism of Slog for posts which don't graciously link to HA. Better yet, bookmark, follow me on Twitter @GoldyHA and read me daily! It's Slog's readers I miss, not the paycheck.
Aug 18 Goldy commented on The Most Misleading Seattle Times Editorial Ever?.
@8 Are you talking about the estate tax or the property tax? Washington exempts working farms from the estate tax, including timber and ranch lands, with no requirement that the heirs continue to work the land. But it must be a working farm to qualify, not merely farmland. Planting a garden, keeping chickens and few farm animals doesn't count. It must be an ongoing economic enterprise engaged in agriculture.
Jul 31 Goldy commented on Guest Editorial: Why Voting for a Seattle Metropolitan Parks District Means Losing Citizen Oversight.
Jesus, Slog, why would you give these crackpots a voice? They are blatantly lying to voters in their mailers, and they're continuing to do it here with their "traditional levy process" bullshit. There is no traditional levy process! The first parks levy wasn't until 2000. Hell, lid lifts weren't even a thing until the 1970s because there was no lid to lift! This is nothing more than an effort to turn our Eyman-induced revenue shortfall into the new normal.

You're giving these lying anti-park, anti-tax, anti-government cranks more credibility than they deserve. What's next, equal space for the Tea Party?

Just sayin'.
Jul 28 Goldy commented on NRA Spokesman Reportedly Compares Washington Gun Control Advocates to Nazis.
@8 Worse, the notion that an armed Jewry could have prevented the Holocaust is nothing short of blaming the victims for failing to defend themselves.

The whole Nazi gun control meme is offensive bullshit.
Jul 25 Goldy commented on Xfinity Wi-fi Hotspots Are a Hot Mess.
Huh. Maybe that helps explain why Comcast so aggressively attempted to dissuade me from purchasing my own cable modem and router?
Jul 17 Goldy commented on Endorsements for the August Primary Election!.
@134 Were I still here, and on the losing side of that vote, I would've been just as harsh on my colleagues right here on Slog as I am over at HA. In fact, probably harsher. I always publicly voiced my dissent when I disagreed with the SECB majority.
Jul 16 Goldy commented on Referendum on the $15 Minimum Wage Will Not Go to the Ballot This Year.
@47 I don't think you're as in touch with E. Washington as you think you are. The last time a minimum wage was on the state ballot, in 1998, it passed in all 39 counties, and by by a 2-to-1 margin statewide. In 2008, Dino Rossi's support for weakening the minimum wage sparked a decisive shift in favor of Chris Gregoire. Polls consistently show that a comfortable majority of Washington voters support raising the state minimum wage.

Yes, a statewide initiative that say, raised the state minimum wage to $12.50 while preempting municipal minimum wage laws might pass. But it's hard to see the restaurant and retail industry getting behind that. And don't really expect an anti-minimum wage initiative to get traction on its own.

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