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Jul 1 decidedlyodd commented on Recording Allegedly Shows a Signature Gatherer for the Repeal-$15 Effort Giving Out False Information.
@14 I wish I could find the reference but there was a case where it was determined that signature gatherers can lie as much as they want about the contents of initiatives without penalty. They get paid per signature so they just don't give a fuck about anything except your John Hancock for their pay day.
Jun 17 decidedlyodd commented on You Won't Believe This List of Insanely Overvalued Media Companies (Number One Will Blow Your Mind).
Profit = revenue - costs and valuations are based on profits, specifically estimated profits in the future. Buzzfeed has to have almost no labor costs. I mean how much does it cost to pay people to make those inane lists? They probably volunteer to do it for free. Definitely can't say the same for a traditional paper like the Wapo or NYTimes.
Jun 4 decidedlyodd commented on Rent This Doorway for Only $1,850.
If this were in Seattle, it would need the word "luxury" in the ad.
Jun 4 decidedlyodd commented on 15 Won, But the Fight's Not Done.
@13 The reason is that 15 Now has since its inception consisted of a lot of (maybe even a majority of?) workers in the fast food industry. They're really the face of minimum wage workers. It has everything to do with that and really nothing to do with the resources or financial situation of those businesses.
Jun 2 decidedlyodd commented on The Co-founder of Napster Relocated From Silicon Valley to Pioneer Square.
I'd say it did have an impact on capital in the music business. The amount of revenue and profit record labels earn as an industry is still less today than it was when Napster came out. Even with the success of iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, etc. nobody makes as much money in music as they once did.
May 29 decidedlyodd commented on Yep, Google Is Mostly White Men.
This comes as no shock to anybody who works in tech. If Google (or any of the big tech companies) could take simple steps to fix it, they would. Unfortunately, the lack of women and non-Asian minorities arises from a combination of a culture that can be hostile or unwelcoming and decreasing enrollment in the necessary educational steps going back into the early school years (math in school, Computer Science in college). It's a complex systematic problem, not the result of a single company's policies.
May 19 decidedlyodd commented on Another Plan to Save Metro Transit Will Be Annouced Today, This Time from the Left Wing of the City Council.
My impression is that levying an MVET requires the state to pass legislation allowing it. That just isn't going to happen in the current political environment and certainly not before September.
May 14 decidedlyodd commented on Does The Biggest Loser Lie About Important Weight Loss Information?.
Say it with me--reality TV is *entertainment* not journalism.
May 8 decidedlyodd commented on Subway CEO Says a Minimum Wage Hike Would Be Fine With Him.
A higher minimum wage can be a boon to fast food companies. Low wage workers are more likely to spend money eating out there rather than other more expensive places. It's why a lot of higher end labor intensive restaurants are so against a higher minimum. They'll have to raise prices for higher costs without an increase in business.
Apr 15 decidedlyodd commented on Will You Buy Google Glass Today?.
Wow, most unanimous Slog poll ever! Apparently, there is something that unites all of us in this political world of monorails, viaducts, bag taxes and $15/hr minimum wages.

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