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Jul 8 rainbird commented on Amazon Offers Hachette Authors One Hundred Percent of E-Book Sales.
Coming Soon: Hatchette Books free on Amazon!

That way, they deny money to Hatchette without having to pay authors.

Jul 8 rainbird commented on Cupcakes Are Not Over.
Maybe Rupert Murdoch just hates cupcakes.
Jul 2 rainbird commented on Facebook COO Apologizes for Experimenting on Users Poorly Communicating the Existence of User Experiments.
I.E., "We never meant for you to find out about it."
Jun 25 rainbird commented on This Is Such Bullshit.
Apathy is the new giving a shit.
Jun 4 rainbird commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
Still, if she didn't know what she was doing, shouldn't she have asked the people at the dispensary for guidance *before* she started eating it? Seems like asking the people who know might just give her a chance to eat an appropriate amount.

Asking afterward? Not as useful.
May 8 rainbird commented on GOP Lawmaker: Gay Sex Is Like Eight Men Taking a Dump In Your Bed....
Well, Hickey himself sure shit the bed with those idiotic comments.
Feb 25 rainbird commented on Arizona Governor Likely to Veto Anti-Gay Bill.
Next up for bigot legislation: Missouri. Yep, a Republican state senator actually filed legislation today, based upon the Kansas and Arizona bills.
Feb 19 rainbird commented on What Do You Think of the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer?.
Where's my Ambush Bug movie?
Feb 19 rainbird commented on What Do You Think of the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer?.
Please, enough with the ooga-chaka.

Other than that, I liked it.
Feb 12 rainbird commented on A More Important Sochi Problem.
Related story: Activist who pointed out Sochi environmental impact sentenced to three years in prison [Link]

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