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12:10 PM yesterday bareboards commented on This Needs to Happen to Urinals All Over the Country.
#3 says what I came to say.

It's like Trump was added to make it okay to like it.
Nov 16 bareboards commented on Mormons Resign Church Over Latest Anti-Gay Assholery.
@22 What I remember being told (a very careful sentence that hints at comprehension and memory issues on my part) is that it is only the Prophet who is in communication with God. BUT it is a one way street -- the Prophet listens to God, he cannot speak to God. It isn't a conversation, it is a "revelation."

He gets the Word through prayer. But bless their hearts, the Church recognizes that this is an imperfect way to communicate.

So the Prophet takes what he "hears" to the committee, and then all of them pray on it.

A distinction that puts the direct relationship with God into only one set of hands, but requires that it be vetted by others.

Homophobia, let it be smitten from your ranks! God has made man in his image -- and that includes gay people. Family is family, no one shall have to walk alone.

That is what I am hoping for.

(My Mormon story -- my sister-in-law was trying to show how great the Book of Mormon was, how it foretold all modern problems. She showed me where it says, essentially, thou shall not drink hot things. Really. Something that vague -- and she was showing it to me as PROOF that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that he was forewarned about the medical issues of caffeine. This passage is their basis for not drinking coffee and not drinking caffeinated beverages. God told Joseph.

I said -- but doesn't this also mean you can't have hot soup? She doesn't try to proselytize me any more.)
Nov 16 bareboards commented on Mormons Resign Church Over Latest Anti-Gay Assholery.
@12 here again.

I didn't go into the whole thing with the Mormon President. I didn't realize I was going to called to task so strongly.

There is a committee in charge of the Mormon Church. I think it is 13 men. The president and 12 others. (It might be 12 total, one of whom is the president.)

I can't think of a single other religion that has done a complete about-face on core doctrines like the Mormon Church has, as quickly as they have. Sure, the Catholic Church has their synods or whatever they are called. But is the Pope a PROPHET? I have never heard him called Prophet.

Joseph Smith was the first Prophet. Whatever he said God told him, that was the Word, and no argument was allowed. (Yes, it caused splinter groups, but the "faithful" didn't question.)

So when Utah was barred from being a state because of institutionalized polygamy -- well, just like that, the President got the word from God to stop doing it within the church. (And thus was born the Fundamentalist sect that practices polygamy to this day.) And Utah became a state.

Blacks were not allowed to be full members of the church from the beginning. They could be servants, but not full members. Every male was a priest in the Mormon religion, except black men -- because their black skin was the "mark of Cain" and was God's punishment for that ancient brotherly killing. After the Civil Rights Act was passed, and the church was in danger of losing its tax exempt status as a church, suddenly god spoke to the 12-13 men at the top, and GUESS WHAT?!??? God has forgiven Cain now! He has been punished enough! All is well! Come, join the church, black people! (It also had the benefit of making the African missions gain more converts.)

I have never heard of any other church change their doctrines so swiftly and decisively because the word of God was spoken to one person (who then discusses and prays on it with the full committee. They all have to get on board.)

And that is why I say there is hope for the Mormon church to leave behind their homophobia. Because the Mormons are business people. Kept from being a state? God speaks up. Lose tax exempt status? God speaks up.

Lose a good portion of your tithing income?

God is going to speak up.

Nov 16 bareboards commented on Mormons Resign Church Over Latest Anti-Gay Assholery.
One thing the Mormon church has that other religions don't is a living prophet -- the President of the Church -- who can receive the word of god NOW.

That is how discrimination against blacks was de-institutionalized. God said it was okay to stop.

I have said for years that when the tithing starts to dry up, as devout Mormons get the message that being gay is not a choice but is innate and they begin to choose their children over the church... that is when God is going to speak up and tell the President that it is okay now to be gay. Just as it is okay now to be a barren heterosexual couple in a loving family relationship, God will say -- so it is for gays. Be chaste, tithe, all the stuff that barren heterosexuals do, and you will be golden with the church.

One thing about Mormons -- they are great business people. They will follow the revenue.

This handful of non-tithing Mormons isn't going to do it. The tithers have to step up and squeeze off the funds.
Nov 6 bareboards commented on Mormon Church to Kids With Gay Parents: No Magic Underpants For You!.
What I want to know is.... are heterosexual couples "living in sin" subject to the same rule about co-habitation?

Living together without the holy bonds of matrimony.... can your children still be baptized/blessed?

Anybody out there know?
Oct 23 bareboards commented on Here's the Official Trailer for Jessica Jones... and It Looks Goooood!.
Excuse me? How about a mention of the ACTOR WHO PLAYS JESSICA?!!!

David Tennant gets named but not her?

Oct 21 bareboards commented on We Saw You Painting a Crosswalk, Being Hit with a Pumpkin, and Balancing a Tall Boy on Your Head.
I love this column.

Can it be uneven?

Sure. This isn't a perfect world. The unevenness of it is just fine -- ESPECIALLY since something I don't care for might be beloved by someone else.

(The crosswalk one ... oh my. How lovely.)
Oct 6 bareboards commented on Do You Know Who Leaked that Story of Joe Biden's Son's Dying Wish? Joe Biden..
I like Biden. I like Colbert.

Did anybody see his interview on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert?

I thought the whole thing was set up beforehand. You don't dive into asking about a recently dead son without getting permission for such an intimate conversation in front of millions. And all that talk of "authenticity" by Colbert -- it sounded fake. Followed by prepared emotions. Not that they aren't real, I know Biden loves his son. But he is milking his death in a way I find abhorrent.

My respect for both of them shrunk that day. Hearing that Biden leaked the original comment is confirmation of the manipulation I felt when I watched Colbert. I was willing to believe my reaction was off-base. Now, I think I was right on.

If you smell something, say something.
Sep 21 bareboards commented on Hey! Have You Donated to Help Rebuild the Planned Parenthood in Pullman, Yet?.
Just a suggestion.... but maybe you could have some smaller prizes for those of us who don't want to write anything? Might goose a few more donations out of folks.
Aug 29 bareboards commented on The More I Learn About Breast Milk, the More Amazed I Am.
As a woman of a certain age, I remember the culture around breastfeeding pre-"feminism". Loads of women were told by their doctors to not breast feed. It wasn't considered "modern." It was actually the hippies of the 60's and the 70's, and the natural childbirth movement that pushed back on that message.