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bareboards Well, that got through....
Feb 3 bareboards commented on Neil Gorsuch Is Against Death with Dignity.
1% use death with dignity? I live in Port Townsend, about 9000 folks, and I personally know four people who have gone that route.

PT is deadly, I guess.
Jan 27 bareboards commented on The Morning News: Will Trump Assist Seattle If the Big One Hits? Seattle's Airport Is Getting Busier.
Um, about those tax returns....

DT's team kept President Obama's innovation of petitions direct to the White House. DT says Americans don't care about his tax returns? We need millions to sign this. A petition direct to DT to get in his face about one of his lies. Please sign. Please share.…
Jan 25 bareboards commented on Trump Is Coming for Seattle.
DT wants to get the feds involved in preventing voter fraud?

Then coordinate with all the states to use a national voter registry, tied in with Social Security.

Will prevent dead people from staying on the voter rolls. Will prevent people who move from being registered in two states.

Etc etc.

That will actually help with voter fraud. If that is what you really care about.
Jan 13 bareboards commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Red Hat Leads to Assault.
Look. I am pretty liberal. (I live in Port Townsend, in Jefferson County, so my far left leanings pass as moderate.)

Someone gets attacked for wearing a hajib or a red hat, that is just wrong. No quibbling. No "but they did it first." Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

And until we fully embrace the truth of that statement, we are literally no different from the worst hate spewer on the right.

What is that phrase we like to say? Check your privilege?

Check your privilege, folks. Someone got beat up for wearing a hat. Just because it was red with some specific English words on it doesn't make it in any way funny or okay.
Jan 12 bareboards commented on Mukilteo House Party Shooter Ivanov to Get Life in Prison.
Was anybody else immediately repulsed by the careful grooming of his hair?
Jan 5 bareboards commented on The Morning News: Seattle Can't Handle More Cars, Lindy West Leaves Twitter, More Suffering for Seattle Rats.
True that the Rs threw that label of Obamacare on the ACA.

Also true that Obama embraced it.

The man plays the long game.

And hopefully that long game includes moving towards single payer. Paid for by taxes. So no one can opt out when it suits, and opt in when they need it.
Dec 27, 2016 bareboards commented on Pop Life: The Hologram of Princess Leia.
Rouge One?

Dec 20, 2016 bareboards commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Open & Free (But What About Money?).
Um, am I the only one who got a "fake fake fake" hit off this letter?

As Dan noted, he did everything perfectly. Who does everything perfectly?

Perhaps I am naive, but who the heck gets a large severance package in their 20s? I guess it can happen. But still.

Just too perfect.
Dec 2, 2016 bareboards commented on The Morning News: A $74 Million Shortfall for Seattle Schools and a Problem with Goats.

That park visitor who was killed by a mountain goat in 2010?

His name was Bob Boardman.

A terrific person. A great writer. He was protecting his wife when he was killed.

We still mourn him, and remember him.
Nov 15, 2016 bareboards commented on Letter to the Editor: From the Desk of a Progressive Who Can Do Math.
I would say this differently --

There were two choices this year. Clinton and Trump.

Anything -- ANYTHING -- that was done to disparage Clinton helped Trump win.

She was in a miasma of negativity that affected undecided voters and pushed those Dems into Rs and misled people into thinking their vote didn't matter so they didn't show up.

And the person who quoted the private emails that were hacked without mentioning that Russia was working really hard to undercut and disrupt our election is a tool of the Russians.

Take a page from the Rs. Their people do the most egregious horrible stuff, and yet they get elected/reelected. Vitter and his prostitutes in the bible belt South gets reelected? Anything that came out of Trump's mouth for the past 18 months? But our progressives take Clinton quoting Abraham Lincoln's strategy for getting slavery abolished in the Constitution and act like she is the most corrupt person to ever run for office.

I'm sick to my stomach that all those people voted for Trump.

I'm more sick to my stomach at every Democrat who piled onto Clinton in a nit-picking feeding frenzy WHEN THE OTHER CHOICE WAS TRUMP.

Clinton won the popular vote. How many electoral votes would she have gotten if you had shown some grownup attitude and shored her up instead of tearing her down? How many more people would have voted instead of staying home?

Saying Clinton and Trump were the same is what lost this very close election.

And you guys need to stop blaming Clinton and take full responsibility for your part in this loss.

You did it. You.

Grow up. Be like Republicans and stick up for your person.

The choice was between Trump and Clinton. And now we have lost the Supreme Court for 30 years or so.

Good going. I know you are proud of yourselves for your integrity. You fucked yourselves in the process. Make no mistake about your complicity.