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bareboards Well, that got through....
Jul 22 bareboards commented on I, Anonymous.
I came to make a similar comment about the inappropriate artwork.

Why are people talking about "the homeless" as if they can be all lumped together as one monolith?

This I, Anonymous is an individual who was touched by kindness and got out of there.

This carping -- and that artwork -- is seriously off-topic.
Jul 13 bareboards commented on New Column!.
One thing about this column you might want to consider editing -- the phrase "and now police officers."

I don't want to rain on the funny parade, but police officers have been murdered with easily accessible guns for a long time.

It's nothing new, and acting like the event in Dallas is a first is one of the reasons some police officers are angry as fuck. They go to work with a target on their back and they sometimes don't come home.

I'm all for extensive gun safety measures. Restrictions on high capacity killing machines and accessories. And laws that hold trigger happy (and fist happy) law enforcement officers accountable.

That phrase though... gasoline on a fire at the wrong time, dudes and dudettes. Wrong time.
Jul 8 bareboards commented on I, Anonymous.
I take comfort in wishing birthday greetings to my deceased loved ones. Tell them I am missing them.

I did have someone I didn't know comment on one birthday greeting to my beloved cousin Gaylan that he had died. We ended up sharing stories about him, and it was lovely.

I recommend the same approach to you. Don't get mad and complain here. Tell the person who you THINK made a mistake.

You might end up with a soft moment of comfort shared.
Jul 6 bareboards commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Taking a Break, Breaking a Heart, Casting a Ballot.
I would love it if the LW would drop in and comment on this stream.

Loads of straight-up unvarnished advice being offered here -- just a repeat of Dan, really, but harsher.

Does he hear this? Does he know about the fear women have of angry ex's? Will he read that book mentioned?

He did a great thing writing in for advice. The question is -- will he take it?
Jun 21 bareboards commented on A California Woman Is Accusing Donald Trump of Raping Her When She Was 13 Years Old.
Ditto to pretty much everything above.

I hate Cheeto Chump, don't get me wrong. But really.
Jun 20 bareboards commented on Bernie Supporters Plan to Disrupt Acceptance Speech by First Woman Nominated by a Major Party With "Fart-In Protest".
Given the level of incivility we have sunk to, I'm all for farts rather than actually yelling and verbally interrupting her speech.

Besides, who is going to suffer the most? The gaggle of Bernie supporters. Sitting in their own fumes and the fumes of their neighbors.
Jun 20 bareboards commented on How the Internet Turned Us All Into the Audience on Jerry Springer.
Mob Mentality. Villagers with pitchforks.

None of this is new.
Jun 14 bareboards commented on The Orlando Shooter Might Have Been a Twisted Closet Case.

Yes. Thank you. Perfect.
Jun 10 bareboards commented on Bernie Sanders Should Have Called It Quits While the Going Was Good.
I was stunned to read this op-ed. Bernie is in a position of weakness after that strong showing? the basic premise doesn't even make sense to me.

I'm surprised that no one is mentioning a strong component of Trump's support -- not the racist element, the economic element. Both Rs and Ds hopefully have gotten quite the wake-up call about economic and legal policies that protect corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the middle and lower class. I can't believe that they aren't paying attention to this swell of rage.

By the way, I have been for Hillary since the beginning. She is liberal enough for me, I'm not a child who has to have my own way and only my own way -- I understand that compromise is the bedrock of democracy, and I haven't fallen for the poison that the Rs have been pumping out about her for decades. Is she perfect? No. Is she high-handed and ambitious? Yes. And?

I have also been rooting for Bernie to go the distance -- less so when he started getting ugly, but before that, he was stellar -- what he has been saying is crucially important.

To say that the 10 million plus votes he got have been "weakened" because he didn't win California is an odd conclusion to make. Add that to the millions that Trump got (less the purely racist element) -- both the Rs and Ds have been given notice.

Jun 8 bareboards commented on Watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's Primary Night Speeches.
Funny how the speeches mirrored each other in a lot of way.

Trump, him read big good.