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Apr 7 bareboards commented on Seattle Producer Has Rig Stolen After Playing Breast Cancer Benefit.
I'm starting to think the bad guys are following musicians when they leave gigs.

This sucks.
Apr 4 bareboards commented on Police Beat: A Long Bulge In His Pants.
"I named my right thigh Christmas and my left thigh New Years. Why don't you come up and visit me between the holidays?"

-the actor who played the air traffic controller in Airplane said that on stage when appearing in Kentucky Fried Theater's multi-media comedy shows in LA in about 1975
Apr 4 bareboards commented on The Rise of the Anti-Liberal Left.
That sleepwalking man statue.... it wasn't just a "trigger" thing, I thought it was a general safety hazard. A man, naked except for tighty whiteys, walking along THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. Put it in a museum where it can't be confused with a real human, and have people rush to its aid. It was/is a public disturbance that could lead to injuries (car wreck, in particular.)
Mar 26 bareboards commented on Let Shakespeare Do Your Insulting for You.
Design reason for putting definition on back -- if you lose a flip page, you don't lose the meaning.

Just saying.

Mar 24 bareboards commented on Director Bill Morrison and Composer Bill Frisell Remember The Great Flood of 1927.
Bill Bryson's book One Summer America 1927 talks about this.

That they knew how many head of livestock was lost, but they didn't count how many humans died. Because the vast majority were poor black folks.

Disgusting. Hurricane Katrina of the 1920s
Mar 17 bareboards commented on Morning News: Cold War II, "All Right, Good Night," Earthquake in LA, and More (Drink Guinness!).
Here is what reading Savage Love has done to my mind.... Calf Fetish? I assumed that meant the animal. And that the powerlifter was lifting a small bovine.

Not that I'm complaining. It got me to click on the link out of curiosity.
Mar 7 bareboards commented on 300: Rise of an Empire: Only a Vacuum Could Suck Like This.
Headline should say "Only a vacuum SHOULD suck like this"? Because it seems this movie does indeed SUCK.
Feb 27 bareboards commented on More Light and Shadow....
It was me, it was me! I accept your thinks, with gratitude and a tip of the hat to my German friend who sent this to me, and the follow up link above.
Feb 27 bareboards commented on More Light and Shadow....
Here's the next in the series....

Feb 25 bareboards commented on Mitt Romney Urges Governor Brewer to Veto Anti-Gay Bill.
Here's what I know about Mormons and Teh Gay.

They are loving and accepting of them as human beings. Some of their best friends are gay.

Gays can be upstanding members of the church, elders/priests. Able to go into the Temple for full rites in the temple.

As long as they are celibate.

Kiss someone, all bets are off.

Hold hands with someone, you will be barred from the Temple.

So yeah. I believe Romney that he doesn't support discrimination of LGBT in the marketplace. That is a very small slice of life.

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