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bareboards Well, that got through....
5:01 PM yesterday bareboards commented on Fondue Chain That Charges "Living Wage" Fee Donated to Anti-Minimum Wage Campaign.
I think everyone is looking at this incorrectly.

You can't police people's motivations. They want to put a surcharge on the bill to be explicit about the need to raise prices? Who cares why they do it?

We need to Obamacare this thing.

That surcharge line? We need to emphasize that, not pop a neck vein over it. Those are our political and social values, in a nice neat summation.

Gladly pay that surcharge! Yeah, people are getting PAID! This is what we voted for, what we care about!

Tell everyone about the surcharge and don't give a fuck about why the restaurant owner put it on the bill. TURN THEM INTO PROGRESSIVES!

Make it a positive, is what I am trying to say.

Apr 22 bareboards commented on Live Updates: A Scientist's Journal from the March For Science in Washington D.C..
Scientists aren't English majors usually.…

(Nicely done, this article.)
Feb 25 bareboards commented on Girls Addresses the Grey Areas of Sexual Assault in “American Bitch”.
I would like to point out that the writers of this article called his victims "girls" repeatedly and only switched to using "women" at the end. Thank god for that.

But this infantilization of women has fricking got to stop.

I haven't seen the episode, so many this comment is incorrect. Maybe the women the writer molested were all 17 years old or younger. If so, I apologize for the criticism of this particular piece.

The comment stands for the rest of society, though. We will begin to feel more empowered when we stop buying into this "girl" crap.

Oh, look. It is in the title of the show. My point stands.
Feb 3 bareboards commented on Neil Gorsuch Is Against Death with Dignity.
1% use death with dignity? I live in Port Townsend, about 9000 folks, and I personally know four people who have gone that route.

PT is deadly, I guess.
Jan 27 bareboards commented on The Morning News: Will Trump Assist Seattle If the Big One Hits? Seattle's Airport Is Getting Busier.
Um, about those tax returns....

DT's team kept President Obama's innovation of petitions direct to the White House. DT says Americans don't care about his tax returns? We need millions to sign this. A petition direct to DT to get in his face about one of his lies. Please sign. Please share.…
Jan 25 bareboards commented on Trump Is Coming for Seattle.
DT wants to get the feds involved in preventing voter fraud?

Then coordinate with all the states to use a national voter registry, tied in with Social Security.

Will prevent dead people from staying on the voter rolls. Will prevent people who move from being registered in two states.

Etc etc.

That will actually help with voter fraud. If that is what you really care about.
Jan 13 bareboards commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Red Hat Leads to Assault.
Look. I am pretty liberal. (I live in Port Townsend, in Jefferson County, so my far left leanings pass as moderate.)

Someone gets attacked for wearing a hajib or a red hat, that is just wrong. No quibbling. No "but they did it first." Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

And until we fully embrace the truth of that statement, we are literally no different from the worst hate spewer on the right.

What is that phrase we like to say? Check your privilege?

Check your privilege, folks. Someone got beat up for wearing a hat. Just because it was red with some specific English words on it doesn't make it in any way funny or okay.
Jan 12 bareboards commented on Mukilteo House Party Shooter Ivanov to Get Life in Prison.
Was anybody else immediately repulsed by the careful grooming of his hair?
Jan 5 bareboards commented on The Morning News: Seattle Can't Handle More Cars, Lindy West Leaves Twitter, More Suffering for Seattle Rats.
True that the Rs threw that label of Obamacare on the ACA.

Also true that Obama embraced it.

The man plays the long game.

And hopefully that long game includes moving towards single payer. Paid for by taxes. So no one can opt out when it suits, and opt in when they need it.
Dec 27, 2016 bareboards commented on Pop Life: The Hologram of Princess Leia.
Rouge One?