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I miss Seattle and I take it out on you

May 27, 2015 eptified commented on Sunburnt Knees, Hugs from Killer Mike, and Kendrick's Exclusions: Emily Nokes Reports Back from Sasquatch 2015.
I come back to the Stranger comments section occasionally to see if it's as full of nasty little shitheads as it used to be, and somehow it's always worse
Oct 2, 2014 eptified commented on Tao Lin Accused of Abuse and Literary Theft.
I'm not sure why any of this is a surprise, since he wrote everything down in the fucking book
Sep 27, 2014 eptified commented on No Good Deed Is a Very Good Thriller.
@7 you aren't great at reading, dude- the opinion you're disputing here is one that Mudede attributes to Hollywood, not one he's cosigning.

The people who market movies do think that little of you, which is why so few films like this are made.
Aug 20, 2014 eptified commented on The Racial Thing That Happened to Me Recently at a Madrona Restaurant.
@49 That is classy as fuck

At least you actually read the article, though - most people in this thread don't seem to have made it the last paragraph

Mudede baits illiterates deliberately, of course, but I'm not sure there's another sane way to communicate with an audience like this
Aug 11, 2014 eptified commented on John Oliver and Sarah Silverman Take On Payday Loan Companies.
@11 I'm not a superstitious man but I would still hesitate to say that kind of thing where the leukemia fairy might hear it

Jul 27, 2014 eptified commented on What's In That Fanny Pack?.
atrocious. fucking atrocious
May 7, 2014 eptified commented on HGTV Cancels Reality Show After Twin Stars Anti-Gay Activism and Rabid Homophobia Exposed.
@7 - you realize at this point you're approaching self-parody, right
Apr 30, 2014 eptified commented on "Who Is This Rock Star?".
supercilious even then
Apr 29, 2014 eptified commented on John Oliver Is Over Oregon's Twee Bullshit.
@10 you do realize that's lisa loeb right

anyway, a good ol' mispronounciating is the least we deserve
Apr 27, 2014 eptified commented on The Other Woman: A Shit Sandwich Wrapped In Shit, Lovingly Placed In A Bag Made Entirely of Shit.
I pray for the day that I get the opportunity to line up half the people in this thread and kick them in the balls