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I was born in Yakima, Warshintun in the mid century period and live with Oliver,… more »

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Sep 7 auntie jim is taking in a beautiful twink who was in an "adult video".
Sep 7 auntie jim commented on Alarming Comments on LGBTQ Youth from the Woman Who Wants to Be Washington State’s Top Education Official.
One bad call by SECB down and one to go. I'm referring of course to their reflexive endorsement of Pramila Jayapal over the much better Brady Walkinshaw.
Sep 4 auntie jim commented on The Stranger Is Rescinding Its Endorsement of Erin Jones and Will Back Chris Reykdal in the General Election.
I decided to vote for Chris Reykdal based on the issues. The first time I met him I asked what he thought of the state supreme court ruling against charter schools and he said the court got it right. First time I heard Jones she was going on and on about how she was adopted by a rich white couple and educated in Europe at elite private schools and attended college at ivy league universities etc. and little about OSPI except that she works there. She has improved her spiel a lot since then but "LIFESTYLE" ??? Fooey! glad the Stranger belatedly got it right.
Aug 22 auntie jim commented on John Oliver Shows How Charter Schools Fail Kids.
If you oppose charters, vote Chris Reykdal for OSPI, Jones seems uncommitted.
Aug 18 auntie jim commented on Pramila Jayapal Lands Congressman Adam Smith's Endorsement in the Race for the 7th.
I got to meet Pramila last Saturday at the Snohomish County Democrats quarterly meeting, Brady was also there and both gave nice speeches. (I have endorsed Brady Walkinshaw but can't vote for him since I now live in the second district. ) Senator Maralyn Chase gave a speech for Pramila Jayapal and Rep. June Robinson made a lively and convincing case for Brady. Even though the room seemed to have plenty of people, we didn't have a quorum so couldn't formally endorse them. We're lucky to have such good, progressive people.
Aug 10 auntie jim commented on Amuse-Bouche: So, What Was Malia Obama Smoking at Lollapalooza?.
looks like a lip balm to me...
Aug 5 auntie jim commented on At Least 10 People Say They’ve Been Drugged at Seattle Bars This Summer.
This is way more common than people think, and has been going on for years. Buy your alcohol by the bottle and drink it in the safety of your home. Even if you're not particularly young or pretty, watch your drink every second in a busy bar where strangers are present. If something tastes bitter or wrong, discard it and go home. It pays to be paranoid.
Aug 3 auntie jim commented on Walkinshaw Pulls Ahead of McDermott in Primary Election, but Ballots Are Still Being Counted.
I prefer Brady. Jayapal is an opportunist who doesn't even live in the district. On the issues there is little difference between any of them but Walkinshaw is married to a scientist, so we can expect reality based decisions.
Jul 9 auntie jim commented on Five Concrete Things You Can Do to Make Black Lives Matter.
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I don't want to hear about Marissa Johnson, she's doing more harm than good, to put it politely.
Jun 24 auntie jim commented on British Scientists Wanted No Exit From the EU.
I'm opposed to EU austerity policy that beats up Greece, Spain, and Italy and I'm skeptical about predictions of big economic problems from the brexit. I predict that savvy investors will use the decline in equities markets as a buying opportunity and make money.