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I was born in Yakima, Warshintun in the mid century period and live with Oliver,… more »


  • Where do you buy your WOW Gold?: never touch the stuff.
  • What helps you sleep?: (censored)
  • Dicks or Vaginas
  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: The fucking idiotic one
  • If you found out you were going to have a pit-bull baby, would you have an abortion?: Yes

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auntie jim is working on a possible bio of aviation pioneer Charlie McAllister. .
May 25 auntie jim commented on #ShellNo Activists Have Been Attached to a Shell Arctic Vessel's Anchor Chain in Bellingham Since Last Night.
Where were they when the Republicans were selling the drilling rights to Royal Dutch for two billion dollars? Elementary school! So now they try to blame Obama and attack the supply side like a bunch of Ronald Reagans with paddles.The solution is on the DEMAND SIDE. We have to quit spending money on wasteful fossil fuel consumption which means a little personal sacrifice. Quit over consuming, breeding, and traveling so goddamn much and work to defeat the stinking Republicans, who are owned by the oil, gas, and coal industries.
May 14 auntie jim commented on The Stranger Is in a Kayak Watching the Shell Arctic Drilling Rig Arrive in Seattle.
here's a short list of things people can do to reduce greenhouse emissions and discourage drilling. 1) go vegan. 2) quit riding the airlines. 3) use less fuel, water, and electric power. 4) beat the Republicans. 5) creative solutions like finding a way to extinguish under ground coal fires.
May 10 auntie jim commented on What Is It Like Eating at Seattle's Most Exclusive Restaurant?.
Never been in there, prolly never will. I'm a vegan and I quit doing neckties. Love mid century style, how about a 1956 Packard?
May 4 auntie jim commented on I, Anonymous.
Uber operates by flouting the law on several levels. Cheap car insurance specifically excludes any kind of commercial activity, Insurance for carrying passengers for hire costs thousands more and is required by law. Are they licensed by the state and local authorities and registered with the dept. of revenue? So they pay no insurance or taxes, why are you desperate enough to patronize such a business?
Mar 17 auntie jim commented on Governor Inslee Talks (Briefly) About Seattle's Plan to Host Shell's Arctic Drilling Rigs.
So you're irritated with the governor? He's actually trying to do something serious about carbon emissions rather than move them around. I know it's a lot more work, but why don't you go after some actual bad guys, Like the state senate Republicans?
Mar 15 auntie jim commented on I, Anonymous.
I have the same problem but my neighbor's 36+ cats and kittens seem to have dwindled to maybe six or seven. Thank you to the coyotes or whatever reduced the population.
Mar 6 auntie jim commented on Why You Should Give a Fuck About the Port of Seattle's Decision to Help Destroy the Planet.
For petesake yes, pay attention to the port because it's mostly run for the convenience of big money out-of-state corporate special interests. We need to take our ports back.
Meanwhile, to slow global warming, the governor has a better idea (carbon tax) and even the stinking Republicans want to raise the gas tax a little. (regressive) They aren't drilling when they have their equipment parked here. Thanks for drawing attention to the port.
Mar 5 auntie jim commented on Republican State Senator Caves to Pressure, Apologizes for Clueless Racial Comments.
I'm from Yakima, and racist attitudes were prevalent among white people in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It seems little has changed. I would like to see the Democratic party put serious resources into getting out the youth and minority vote over there.
Dec 19, 2014 auntie jim commented on Self-Checkout Machines and American Ideology: Be the Boss of You!.
Two teenage girls I picked up hitch hiking out here said they like to use the machines to rob the store somehow LOL.
Dec 13, 2014 auntie jim commented on Is This Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road the Greatest Trailer Ever Made?.
Ick, how could they make pretty Mr Hoult look so gross? Dumber than dirt + I hate trailers that go boom.


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