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1:37 PM yesterday fletc3her commented on The Beauty of Light Pollution: A Website Collects Night Images of Cities Taken From the International Space Station.
It's like running a faucet down the drain every night for decades.
Jul 22 fletc3her commented on Americans Don't Love McDonald's as Much as They Used To.
@12 I've been surprised by that, but it's actually just a part of the lifecycle of these franchises. They tend to sign thirty year leases so a fast food joint that went in in the early eighties will be closing around now.

Commercial lease owners make it near impossible to extend a lease. They use the fact that a successful franchise was there to argue into a much higher lease rate for the new tenant. Plus, after thirty years most restaurants are in need of a complete tear down and rebuild.

It's also why the countryside is littered with the husks of old Safeways and big box stores while new iterations of those stores are open just a mile away.

And, why storefronts will often sit empty for a decade or more after a business unexpectedly closes. The lease is still due and no national business will sublet. It's either a nail salon or nothing.
Jul 22 fletc3her commented on New Book Alleges Hillary Clinton Was an "Enthusiastic" Pot Smoker.
Is rampant gay sex supposed to be a bad thing?
Jul 22 fletc3her commented on Courts Do Battle Over Typo in Obamacare.
@7 Try to at least trend toward reality with your talking points.
Jul 22 fletc3her commented on Courts Do Battle Over Typo in Obamacare.
This also is why not having a functioning Congress is such a big deal. Generally if there was a court case like this the Congress would just whisk through a law which clarified the language. That's how checks and balances are supposed to work.
Jul 22 fletc3her commented on Courts Do Battle Over Typo in Obamacare.
That's interesting. The courts generally recognize the possibility of typos which is why they will read the context of the law or even review the debates in Congress in order to find the intended meaning. And then there is a board in Congress which can correct minor errors like that.
Jul 22 fletc3her commented on Morning News: Fires, Gross Meat, Obama in Town, and a Story About Keith Moon That You Have to Read.
The idea that having to pay more taxes is an injury is bizarre, but totally in line with the current right wing demonization of taxes.
Jul 21 fletc3her commented on SPD Investigating Another Bullethole-Ridden Target Left on Capitol Hill.
@5 The League of Women Voters and that tree.
Jul 21 fletc3her commented on Link's Train Is Like a Cheetah Chasing a Gazelle?.
I think the gazelle represents the Othello station and the cheetah represents the gentrification caused by more efficient transportation.

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