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2:00 PM fletc3her commented on Stomachaches and a Shooting.
My mom used to sign the G.O.Guy song every time we went to the last one I remember, on Pacific Highway South just North of the airport. It was near the Lewis and Clark bowling alley, but is now just a parking lot.
8:47 AM fletc3her commented on What Is Your Favorite Fake Movie Band?.
The Commitments

Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers
4:06 PM yesterday fletc3her commented on Facebook Fails on Ferguson.
Facebook is getting worse. I don't know when the change was exactly, but the feeds decidedly out of order now. I'm now increasingly hearing about events after they happened rather than before.

The Lists feature on Twitter looks genuinely useful. Not being a journalist following Twitter has always felt a lot like work. Either a lot of work to figure out who to follow or a lot of work to filter the wheat from the chaff in hashtags.

1:53 PM yesterday fletc3her commented on Washington State Court of Appeals Will Take Up Legal Fight Over SPU Surveillance Video.
I feel like this is the sort of video that anybody who wants to should be able to watch, but it doesn't need to be on YouTube or broadcast on TV. The same goes for all the 911 calls, police dash cams, etc.

There should be a set of carrels in the court house where people can access all of the audio and video recordings that the police and other government agencies have, but not be allowed to make copies.

Then people who feel the need to watch this video could and reporters could tell us about what was on it, but it couldn't be exploited.
1:47 PM yesterday fletc3her commented on The Most Misleading Seattle Times Editorial Ever?.
It's a terrible editorial for sure. The first warning sign is the mention of the "death tax". There is, of course, no tax on death. There is a tax on the passing of wealth to heirs following a death, but the terms are exceedingly gracious.
10:46 AM yesterday fletc3her commented on White Musicians Who Make Loads of Money From Black Culture Have Nothing to Say About Ferguson?.
So, Macklemore gets dinged for appropriating black culture and also because his song subjects reflect the fact that he is white.

Do we need one of those tests to make sure people have dark enough skin before they start speaking rhythmically?
Aug 17 fletc3her commented on The Sunday Morning News.
@46 I will be shocked if he isn't awarded a medal before the end of the year.
Aug 15 fletc3her commented on We've Made a Huge Step Toward the End of Cable.
The internet does sports better than cable already, but ESPN and the others are still willing to prop up the TV service by only allowing access to TV subscribers. As soon as they cut that association cable TV service wil dwindle fast.
Aug 15 fletc3her commented on More Evidence That Mars Hill Church Has Been Exiled from the Evangelical Community.
It's great to see this cult collapse, but I worry that another leader will take Driscoll's place. And then even if Mars Hill fails altogether the network of cults may continue to prosper.

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