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Aug 26 vennominon commented on A Feel Bad Story in Disguise: Two Florida Hospitals Won't Bill Orlando Pulse Shooting Victims.
M le Comte - Watch Barcelona and find out. The character in question is a bit of a Reagan True Believer.
Aug 25 vennominon commented on A Feel Bad Story in Disguise: Two Florida Hospitals Won't Bill Orlando Pulse Shooting Victims.
I'll take the high road here and assume, despite inferences to the contrary, that Mr Savage would even go so far out of his way as to care about the husband whose privates were cut off and put into the garbage disposal (much to the amusement of Mrs Osbourne). It could well be useful in future, when earnest Rainbow Feminists assure people that "toxic masculinity" doesn't-doesn't-absolutely-doesn't mean that men are inherently toxic, that Mr Savage has asserted roundly to the contrary.


"Look at all the people killed in shootings in America!"

"Oh... shootings! But that doesn't mean Americans are more violent than other people. We're just better shots."
Aug 24 vennominon commented on SL Letter of the Day: Natural Vs. Unnatural Threesomes.

Eh, perhaps it's more that no woman or even man is safe around two (other) women; we all know how voracious and unprincipled women are.
Aug 24 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Mr Ricardo - Of course. And in a Covenant Marriage.
Aug 23 vennominon commented on Savage Love.

I'm going to take a different angle on the first letter and inform the assembled company that it's LW1 and not BF1 who's the Trump supporter. Who bails? (Yes; if Karl Rove could go to the gay barbershop he'd been patronizing the day after Shrub's re-election and expect there to be no hard feelings [he was wrong], I'm sure Trump supporters have the chutzpah to continue to consult Mr Savage, perhaps getting some perverse enjoyment out of doing so.)

I'd respond CMY to L1 except for LW's one saving grace, her realization that past paramours cut her an undeserved break. The sense of Mr Savage Guest and at least one poster that LW was entitled to such breaks seems almost, to borrow from Ms Grizelda, toxic.


It may need a little cross-examination to confirm, but my first instinct in response to L3 would probably be CMY, as predicted. My main thought, though, is that it was a little drippy of Mr Savage Holidaying to pass this letter on to Mr Savage Guest when LW specifically hoped for the Real Opinion.

The obvious answer for LW2 is to settle who pays how much with a game of cards, which may also have the side benefit of revealing their basic incompatibilities.
Aug 23 vennominon commented on SL Letter of the Day: Asexuality-It's a Thing..
I have no sympathy whatsoever for helicopter LW, who deserves no daughter's-partner-in-law to pester, let alone grandchildren. Otherwise, I'd agree with Mr Ricardo.
Aug 23 vennominon commented on Savage Love.

Ms Fan - I knew it graced the pudding course, though I can't recall ever having seen it. It's mentioned twice in David Suchet's Poirot series, but never actually appears. The second reference is slight, but the first, in Hickory Dickory Dock, makes it part of perhaps the only "homophobic" joke I like.

People who have read the novel will likely recall the beginning, in which Miss Lemon, a woman of usually nearly superhuman efficiency, has typed and submitted for Poirot's signature a letter with three mistakes in it. To replace the comedy provided by characters they cut, they put Japp into the filmed version. With Mrs Japp away, Japp stays (incompatibly) with Poirot for a while. Along with Japp's not recognizing the bidet, Poirot, Miss Lemon and Japp in turn prepare a meal for one or both of the others. After Poirot's old Belgian recipe fails to appeal and Miss Lemon's idea of a "healthy" meal turns up skimpy in portion size, Japp prepares for Poirot a lunch of mushy peas (a favourite, I believe, of Sir Nick Faldo's) and the sort of sausages called by the F word. Poirot hastily invents an allergy, saying that in Belgium it's known as "phobie de f*****". Japp, not quite put out, says that there's spotted D-word for pudding, and inquires whether Poirot has "phobie de d***".


Mr Ricardo @116 - I could go in either of two directions. One is that some practitioners might find MM (or FF) to contain competitive elements lacking in FM, and tailor encounters to be as non-competitive as possible. The other is that you have perhaps stumbled into and pushed open your own door with the H-word. I'd venture a guess that there are a good many more straight/straight-presenting/bi men on the performing end of your scenario than there are openly SS men in the reverse (though I've encountered a bi mentality that would fit the paradigm). After all, you don't specify gay men.
Aug 22 vennominon commented on SL Letter of the Day: One and Done?.

Not that I would invoke it here, but this letter did make me wonder what the Kink equivalent of "Covenant Marriage Yesterday" would be - something along the line of neither of such a pair ever having sex without X again, perhaps.
Aug 22 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
It isn't a "reverse month", for me at least, because I don't assume universal heterosexuality at other times. It may contribute to a "reverse month" for the reader to some extent.

Mx Wanna - Nobody else seems quite so much to blame for the idea that Oral is something performed only by F and only on M.
Aug 22 vennominon commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Quick Hits.
Ms Fan - It's obviously a heterosexist conspiracy perpetrated by those who want ardent swains to find the Direct Route foiled.