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6:54 AM vennominon commented on How Green Is Her Bullshit: An Uncharacteristically Brief Response to the Green Party Spokesperson's Dishonest Response to My Podcast Rant.
Another thing nobody's mentioned yet - voting for Mrs C probably isn't enough to satisfy Mr Savage and his ilk.

Once upon a time, thinking back to Proposition 8, people didn't ask other people to go against their own consciences. The request was, "Please, if you can't in good conscience support us, just don't vote for the other side." But now anyone not voting for Mrs C is The Enemy. Maybe people can live with that. Go forward a month, though, and who's to say the bar won't have moved to Anyone Who Hasn't Donated to her campaign is The Enemy? And if Mr Silver hasn't called the election for Mrs C come the third week of October, I can easily visualize the demands that every right-thinking person in the universe must be volunteering for Mrs C.

It's one thing to cave to this sort of ultimatum. But to cave to an open-ended ultimatum is something else. It's similar to paying a blackmailer without being allowed to buy all the incriminating evidence.
6:29 AM vennominon commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
That reminds me - the last ccle or two around, I saw mention of vote-swapping sites, where people in safe states made contact with third-party supporters in swing states whose IRV second choice was compatible. An exchange was arranged, and presumably both parties were happier as a result. Are those still legal?
6:11 AM vennominon commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
Ms Lava - Who would be a comparable candidate in your country - Margaret Court?

From your vantage point, you overlook The Deal. Mrs C could have blown up the Democratic party when Mr C's sex life was the issue of the day. She didn't, and in exchange got a nice, safe Senate seat. A bit high, but one could live with that. She also got the party establishment in her pocket for when she decided she wanted to be President.

Flash to 2008, when she began the primary season with a massive lead in superdelegates and managed the campaign about as well (following the Jeremy Irons series) as Juan Borgia conducted the siege at Forli. She could have led a PUMA rebellion and kept the White House red, but instead just locked the party establish to her all the tighter. There was no chance in Rome that an electable Democrat would run against her this time. So the best-known third-partier in the country has reminded us once again that Mrs C isn't Cesare.
5:46 AM vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Lava - Ouch.

I have noticed a lot of anti-regressives implying that the repressives have surrendered and moved on. I think the older ones are more likely to be disingenuous repressives themselves; the younger ones often have difficulty believing that something they didn't live through themselves really happened.
4:42 PM yesterday vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Mr Hunter - If I feel like it, I feel like it. Homocentric August is a venue for artistic expression, and I have no intention of letting you try to rule-shark me into silence by pinning myself down into doing things the way you think I should do them when you are about the last person here who deserves any such consideration. I don't tell you how to run your Week in Review.

Have a Wainthropp day.
3:46 PM yesterday vennominon commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
My contribution to this election, which would have been dissuading about half a dozen possible Trump supporters, has just become more difficult. I've made decent headway in the past few weeks, but, unfortunately, the TPP is probably going to prove their deal-breaker. Anyone else.
3:12 PM yesterday vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Cute - L2 has almost a vintage feel to it. I was thinking mainly of how there are some homonormative circles in which P2 and his topics of conversation would have been right at home. (I'm not sure, just in case anyone's wondering, about binormative circles.) But really, now that it's mentioned, LW2 seems to revert back to thirty or forty years ago when it was not uncommon for people who felt locked out of or prematurely judged by moral standards to respond by acting absolved of moral responsibility.
2:31 PM yesterday vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ah - silly of me not to think of the obvious reference for P2 - the Australian soap opera A Place to Call Home. If we find out that LW2 was P2's boyfriend before P2 met LW's sister, and the wedding photos show them gazing adoringly at each other past the bride, we can call a foul.

I actually followed APtCH on its US run here, really just because Heather Mitchell appears in it.
9:12 AM yesterday vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Grizelda - If anyone could use a bit of peace, it's surely you. It's a good thing music is such a consolation.
7:56 AM yesterday vennominon commented on Savage Love.
M? Corn - HA stands for Homcentric August, when I devote a month of the year to mirroring the heterocentrism of the other eleven.