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Dec 1 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
This should be popular. LMB goes to Ms Grizelda, who has suffered enough from her horrible siblings, and who will surely have plenty of opportunities to put it to good use for the next several years. I toyed with the idea of leaving this one elsewhere, but in the end decided that this was the most positive way for LMB to continue.

Next up is FTWL.
Nov 28 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
As promised, we have HSE next. I leave Holmes-Sun-Earth to Mr Hunter, in part because he would probably try to contest the will and claim something not left to him if he weren't mentioned at all, and in part because he is the logical choice for the office of forgetting information which will do him no good whatsoever. He has the temperament for it, and it could be a win all around here.

Next will be LMB, which may be my most popular bequest.
Nov 25 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Mr Ricardo @1 - Given Mr Savage's age, I'm going to guess that he's stretching the boundaries of monogamish. (I was planning to make the point if nobody else did, and looked for it on purpose.)

Resuming the tour, for which I was waiting for a sign , I leave YGG to Ms Cummins, as she seems already to have lived out the Ann Robinson version (it was actually the phrase with which she dismissed RuPaul-in-a-wig-and-dress). This makes her the obvious choice.

To allow those who might be so inclined the opportunity to guess, next bequeathed will be HSE.
Nov 17 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
I interrupt my Farewell Tour to post a rather delicious idea I had yesterday. It is unlikely that any of the assembled company will recall my first inkling that Mrs C's campaign was tempting karma, which came about in her selection of a particular surrogate with a glittering resume. And it was a glittering resume, full of every honour and prize, except for the greatest one of all.

We are still left to speculate about the identity of the first woman elected. Let us hope that even Mr Miller does not want Mrs C to run again, and Mrs O has wisely declined. But the more I consider the matter, the more I think our surrogate could build herself a nice political resume in about ten years or so, assuming it takes a little time to . And it would be rather delicious to see her gain something to compensate her for her greatest failure. With all that in mind, I advance for the consideration of the assembled company as president-elect of 2028: Michelle Kwan.
Nov 15 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
[preface - if I'm offending anyone, I'm not aware, and it isn't intentional; I've only skimmed a few comments]

Might as well start with one of the biggies. Not Homocentric August, which is not yet decided (though I advise Mr Hunter against vain hopes).

I leave Austensplaining to Ms Ods - a recent Austen reader, who can presumably be trusted to keep Ms Cute in a good humour with whatever references are necessary to Henry Tilney. Perhaps she will be able to do more justice than I have done to some characters I feel I have neglected - Lady Russell and Admiral Croft, Sir William Lucas and Kitty Bennet, Julia Bertram and Dr Grant, Robert Ferrars and Mrs Palmer, Mrs Thorpe and Captain Tilney, Robert Martin and Mrs Weston, the Johnsons.
Nov 8 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
I don't feel up to seeing if anyone has said anything in answer to my last; besides, this may make a difference. In the interest of full disclosure, I have voted, and not for Mrs C (nor for Mr T, but I doubt it matters; this appears sufficient for excommunication). As a courtesy to Team LBT and Team F, I did make a serious re-examination, but I just couldn't.

After a pause for reflection which may last some little time, I shall have a small series of farewell exchanges (unless everyone with whom I'd like to part on good terms has already decided to shun me) and be gone before the new administration. To try to make it entertaining, I intend to draw up a will of sorts and bequeath some of my recognized phrases to those who might carry on the tradition with honour.
Nov 7 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Actually I decided to go out on a charitable note, acting on the presumption that I shall soon be giving this place up. It seems to have become clear lately that I am no longer able to claim the position of the Loyal Opposition representing Team Homo. I have enjoyed that role greatly, and hope I have not posted entirely in vain. But the aura here has shifted too far. I'm out (or the position is extinct), and I have better things to do than stay on as a troll.
Nov 6 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
The Endeavour Award is for Ms Fan's claim of using British spelling, which reminded me of the Morse case Ghost in the Machine, in which Morse spots the flaw in a suicide note, that an Oxford professor would have used a zed.

The Orlando Award did not originally refer to Mrs Woolf, but I do thank Ms Lava for reminding me of rivers. I'll have to see if I can collect any sufficiently heavy stones.
Nov 5 vennominon commented on Savage Love.
Ms Lava - Ah, yes; poor Mrs Woolf. Do you subscribe to the theory that Mr Woolf and Mrs Bell were complicit in pushing her into suicide?
Nov 4 vennominon commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Screwing Trump Supporters.
In fairness to Mr Savage, he just took the line that Trump supporters don't deserve to love or be loved, and the calls for divorce came from the commentariat. I am going to ding him, though, for his framing of the Financial Excuse for not leaving as if, for one thing, he's trying to jockey LW into that position, and for another, he's setting up a model of one partner's (presumably a woman) stringing the other partner along until she can leave while extracting the maximum quantity of resources and leaving the other partner financially decimated. It's similar to his position on cheating, where he claims not to be giving cheaters hall passes while simultaneously laying out the blueprint for cheaters to say all the right things to get the pass.