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Sep 19 Charlie Mas commented on Donald Trump Has a Concealed Carry License, and He Wants Everyone Else to Have One Too.
I have no problem with law-abiding people having guns, but I support laws that require responsible gun ownership. People who own guns should be required by law to acquire, maintain, store, use, and transfer them responsibly. While there are a large number of people who should be allowed to own guns, there are also many people who should not be allowed to own guns. Our laws that keep guns out of those people's hands should be stronger, more tightly enforced, and more severely punished than they are today.
I don't understand how even a "gun nut" can oppose this sort of reasonable regulation.
Sep 5 Charlie Mas commented on Washington State Supreme Court Strikes Down Charter Schools Law.
The initiative was a model law of the ALEC variety, written without any thought about the unique elements of the Washington State constitution. Bad move. The dozen or so millionaires and billionaires who supported this law should have invested a bit more in writing it - even if it cut into the budget for promoting it.
Aug 18 Charlie Mas commented on City Council Agrees to Let Voters Decide on Turning the Viaduct into a Park, but Isn’t Happy About It.
I am surprised and disheartened to read that The Stranger has bought into the lie that the Viaduct cuts the city off from the waterfront. The Viaduct is not a wall. You can get the waterfront very easily by walking, driving, or biking under the Viaduct.

The lie that the elevated roadway cuts the city off from the waterfront was started by the real estate developers that own and operate Seattle. Is The Stranger now allied with them? Is The Stranger now a loudspeaker for their lies? How sad.
Aug 11 Charlie Mas commented on Guest Editorial: Why Saturday's Bernie Sanders Rally Left Me Feeling Heartbroken.
To all of those who say that they no longer support Blacks Lives Matter, what's the alternative? To believe that Black lives don't matter? To accept police brutality and abuse? To accept mass incarceration? I'm curious. If you no longer support the position of Black Lives Matter, what do you support instead? And, if your support was conditional on the "good" behavior of anyone who claims to be speaking or acting on behalf of Black Lives Matter, then how committed was your support before? What form did that support take?

"After this I no longer support Black Lives Matter" is a very curious statement. I would really like to hear it explained more fully.

I'm also curious about those who want to supplant concern about police killing unarmed citizens with a pretense of concern about criminals killing citizens. Why do you hold the police to no higher a standard than the criminals? Can't you see the difference between them? Yes, it is terrible that criminals kill people, but isn't it qualitatively different and terrible in a completely different way when police kill people? Isn't it possible to address these problems separately? Shouldn't it be easier to stop the police from killing people than it would be to stop criminals from killing people? Just because someone is working to end police killings, why do you presume that they aren't also concerns about other killings? The two are not mutually exclusive, you know.
Mar 9 Charlie Mas commented on Mayor Murray and City Council Announce Investigation into Port's Arctic Drilling Decision.
Yeah! Go, mayor, go! Take over the schools, take over the port, take over White Center, take over every other independent entity in the area! Go, mayor, go! Today the schools and the port, tomorrow you can take over Bellevue!
Dec 15, 2014 Charlie Mas commented on Seattle Police Chief Says Holding a #BlackLivesMatter Sign Would Be Taking a Political Position.
@27 The first amendment prohibits the government from impeding your right to assemble and speak. It does not prohibit private citizens from doing so.
How can you dare to comment when you are so ill-informed?
We do not hold protesters to the same standard that we set for the government.
We do not hold private citizens to the same standard that we set for the police.
Dec 13, 2014 Charlie Mas commented on Guest Editorial: We Need to Stop Trying to Rescue This Tunnel Project and Consider Our Options.
If not now, then when do we consider a Plan B?
Or is it a case of Plan A no matter what? That doesn't seem reasonable.
Dec 1, 2014 Charlie Mas commented on Self-Checkout Machines Don't Talk Black.
You're kidding, right?
You want an option for a specific dialect of non-standard English?
Should there also be dialect choices in Spanish or is standard Spanish sufficient?
What else should offer non-standard English? ATMs? Government forms? Every other type of commercial communication? How about product packaging. How about this newspaper?
There is such a thing as Standard English and all
English speakers, including those who also speak another dialect, should be conversant in it.
Nov 23, 2014 Charlie Mas commented on Guest Editorial: Don't Tell Me Olympia Can't Fund the Smaller Class Sizes Voters Just Demanded.
@23, You wrote: "Studies do not show an absolute correlation between class sizes and student achievement." No. They don't. That's an unreasonable expectation and if you're going to wait for that then you can stop because it will never appear.
The primary determinants of student achievement are all home-based, not school-based, so no incremental changes in what happens at school will have significant impacts on student outcomes. They will, however, have incremental impacts, and that's the best we can hope for right now. Smaller class sizes deliver that. They deliver it in a number of ways, but primarily through a deepened relationship between students and teachers. This is particularly important for students who are not getting the preparation, support, or motivation they need to succeed from home. This improves their chances of getting it at school.

@26, You asked: "If Washington isn't "funding education enough" using more per-pupil dollars than most other industrialized nation, then how much more is 'enough?'"
You ask this as if it were a rhetorical question. It is not. See McCleary for the quantified answer. By asking this question you are either completely ignorant of the issues or you are trying to spread ignorance among the public. Both are despicable. This question is asked by people who want to create the impression that education advocate will never be satisfied and, therefore, there is no point to committing more funding to education because those pesky advocates will still want more, more, more. Except that's not the case. The reality - remember reality? - is that there is a determined finite dollar amount necessary to fully fund education and that's the fixed dollar amount that advocates are demanding.
Nov 20, 2014 Charlie Mas commented on Self-Checkout Machines and the Existential Status of the Worker.
This is a prime example of the post-modern oxymoron "self-service". If I'm doing it myself, then how is it service?

The real question is "What does the customer want from the check out experience?" If the customer wants it done quickly, then this is a boon. If the customer wants human interaction or some kind of service, they should see a checker.

Even with a checker the shopper is expected to empty the cart themselves. If you're already taking things out of the cart to set them on the conveyor, is it so much more to scan it and put it in a bag? Not really.

And how does a Marxist defend the bougie master-servant relationship between the shopper and the checker? Will Charles next be fighting to retain the jobs for valets who help rich men into their underpants or the king's buttwiper? We don't need this kind of service. We are fully capable of doing this task for ourselves. And often doing it ourselves is faster and, therefore, better service.