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3:28 AM Charlie Mas commented on Ohio Republican's Advertisement Accuses John Boehner of "Electile Dysfunction".
The Republican party is tearing itself apart. There is a faction of the party - the Tea Party - that believes everything is a sacred principle and refuses to compromise on anything or accept anyone who does compromise. They have no interest in governing or government. They are, essentially, anarchists. They are in a civil war with traditional Republicans who have some interest in governing and understand that compromise is necessary in a pluralistic society.

The only position they share is that obscenely rich people should have the freedom to do whatever they want unrestrained by any decency or morality.
Apr 10 Charlie Mas commented on One NIMBY to Rule Them All.
@8 clear your cache and you will get more free views.

This isn't about Seattle's runaway growth, this is about the absence of infrastructure to support the runaway growth. There's nothing wrong with building all of these new residential units - so long as the public infrastructure they will require is provided along with the housing.

New construction - especially on the scale in SLU, Ballard, and Lake City - means additional demands on roads, transit, parks, libraries, schools, and utilities. The state allows local governments to assess impact fees to partially offset the costs of this infrastructure, but Seattle has set these fees far too low. There is absolutely no money for schools, for example. And you wonder why all of our schools are overcrowded. Yes, it is partially to blame on exceptionally poor planning by the District, but it is also due to new construction without the necessary accompanying infrastructure.

The argument here is just one step more nuanced than opposition to new building. It is opposition to new building without the infrastructure to support it. Try to keep up.
Apr 9 Charlie Mas commented on The Morning News: The Next 48 Hours in Ukraine, High School Horror in Pittsburgh, and Reset Your Damn Passwords!.
Falling from open windows is one of the most common types of frat-related injuries. Yet they continue to be reluctant to build railings. What's up with that?
Apr 9 Charlie Mas commented on Two-Year-Old Boy Second Amendments His Eleven-Year-Old Sister to Death.
Ummm.... I much less worried about the harm that the sarcasm is doing to the kids than I am about the harm that the guns are doing to the kids. Tell you what - let's stop killing kids with careless gun ownership (or at least criminalize careless gun ownership) and then the sarcasm will stop.

In a like vein I'm much less concerned about the harm done to kids by sarcasm than the harm done to them by molesting priests and youth pastors. I offer the same deal - stop raping them in church and we'll stop the sarcasm about it.
Apr 8 Charlie Mas commented on It's Time to Talk About Jeb Bush Again, Apparently.
Actually, I think the fact that Jeb Bush has been out of the political limelight for 12 years is a plus for him. Every Republican who has been on the stage during the past eight years has had to make statements to appease the Tea Party goofball wing of the party. So all of them have quotes on the record that put them outside the mainstream. Jeb does not.

Immigration is actually a good issue for him to use to separate himself from the Tea Party.
1) It is the issue in which the Tea Party nutjobs show their racism and xenophobia at its worst.
2) The traditional pro-business elements of the party do not really want to make it harder for low-wage workers to come to this country.
3) It makes Bush appear more centrist.
4) It appeals to Latino voters, a growing demographic
5) It appeals to the few Libertarians and Founding Father Fundamentalists in the party who would advocate for open borders

He is one of the few Republicans with a national reputation who is unsoiled by the Tea Party - and therefore viable in a general election - and immigration is the perfect issue to tweak their noses with.
Apr 8 Charlie Mas commented on You Can't Just Tell Gay People to Shop Somewhere Else.
@15, it is not a "private relationship". When you offer goods and services to the public, it is a commercial relationship. We all recognize the authority of the law to regulate commerce. The people who own these businesses hold themselves out as public accommodations. It harms our society for them to discriminate in this way and our society will not allow it.
Apr 7 Charlie Mas commented on You Can't Just Tell Gay People to Shop Somewhere Else.
I think it is worth noting that the gay couple who is refused service are not the people who bring legal action in these cases. The legal action is brought by the city, county or state when they enforce their non-discrimination laws. The bakery was not sued by a gay couple, it was charged with a crime by the state.
Apr 7 Charlie Mas commented on Today in Women's Pay Equity News: We're Still Fucked.
This is a natural consequence of a number of systems. One is the way that people don't get what they deserve but get what they negotiate. Also, we live in a sexist system the de-values women's work and perceives women as commodities. Finally, women are socialized differently from men and don't pursue their self-interests as aggressively. All of these need to be fixed.
Apr 7 Charlie Mas commented on Smart Cars Vandalized in San Francisco Tipping Spree.
"They're unsure if this is a political statement or just garden-variety vandalism."

garden variety vandalism

Next question.
Apr 4 Charlie Mas commented on Nebraska School Group Reverses Decision, Allows Gay Rights Poem to Be Read on Television.
Hmmm. This is good news? While I'm glad that these folks reversed their decision to ban the recitation of the speech, I'm not convinced that it's good news.

It reminds of all of those stories of great customer service that begin with "The customer's order got fucked up somehow." Surely a great customer service story would be that the customer's order was never fucked up in the first place. Likewise, the good news in this case came when the student and the speech were chosen as winners. It would have been better news if the speech had not been banned in the first place.

Congratulations, however, to the student for having decided to read it anyway.

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