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Apr 3 stirwise commented on The Morning News: Seattle's Traffic Is So Bad, It Has Finally Broken the Mind of Its Favorite Weatherperson, Cliff Mass.
@3: The Trump voters I know (all related to me by blood or marriage) did it because Jesus and abortion were more important to them than electing a qualified candidate. They're mostly spending their time with their fingers in their ears, insisting none of the current political situation is as bad as it seems. As long as the Republicans dangle an abortion ban on the horizon these people will follow them to the end of the Earth. And I mean that literally.

Oh, except for that one uncle who voted for Trump because he couldn't stomach voting for a woman. As far as I know he's still happy with his decision.
Mar 21 stirwise commented on Six Questions for the Girl With the Blue Green Hair Who Walked Around Our Block 100 Times.
@8 - It was said in the earlier piece that she's a scientist. Also: go fuck yourself.
Feb 28 stirwise commented on I, Anonymous: Post Pot.
@2: pretty sure mailing a bunch of pot to New Orleans via the USPS is a felony. Since OP doesn't know where it originated (sender used OP's address as his/her own), there's not a lot they can do.
Dec 13, 2016 stirwise commented on The Typo that Killed America.
@2: What about the reality of the popular vote? When should we abandon the fact that Clinton won?
Nov 10, 2016 stirwise commented on The Morning News: Massive Anti-Trump Protests in Seattle and Other Cities, Why Washington is Becoming Bluer.
@7: The show the rest of the planet that Americans didn't all vote for Trump, and that we're pissed he was elected.
Oct 21, 2016 stirwise commented on Stop Grabbing Things! This Women's Empowerment Campaign Is Well-Intentioned But Misses the Mark.
@10: I agree that's what they were going for, but one would think "grab her by the mind" would be a better phrase. To make one think of innocuous terms like "attention-grabbing" and not fingers-in-brain-folds. My first reaction to "grab her by the brain" was "ew."
Oct 13, 2016 stirwise commented on What Does Cliff Mass Have to Say About The Storm That Wants to Not Be Forgotten?.
@6: Eh, it kind of is. If you're presented with a list of hypotheses to describe a phenomenon, and you can't automatically rule any out, you can't say with any degree of certainty that any is true or false. Once you've done some testing, however, the story changes. So Cliff Mass saying "we can't say this hypothesis is true," without any other information we also can't say that the hypothesis is false.
Oct 7, 2016 stirwise commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Causes Catastrophe At Veterinary Clinic.
@2 No, the cat just got an SPD business card.
Sep 7, 2016 stirwise commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
@4: Exactly. "Voting your conscience" means "doing what you can to keep Trump out of the White House."