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Sep 7 stirwise commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
@4: Exactly. "Voting your conscience" means "doing what you can to keep Trump out of the White House."
Aug 23 stirwise commented on We Saw You Riding Horses Outside a New Apartment Building, Rapping at Seattle Center, and Laughing at Hempfest.
On Friday night I was standing at the corner of 12th and Madison, bitching about that triangular building. I didn't say what's quoted here, though, so that leads me to believe a lot of people stand on that corner, bitching about that triangular building and its empty retail space.

I hate that stupid building.
Jul 27 stirwise commented on I, Anonymous.
@6: A lot of people who are afraid of dogs could benefit from learning "to speak dog," as it were. I've noticed that many people have a tendency to freeze in place and lock eyes with a dog because they're afraid. Unfortunately, this just reads as "fucking scary" to a dog, so they act defensive and bark or growl. So then the people that are afraid of dogs just deepen their distrust, and everybody's worse off.
Jul 26 stirwise commented on I, Anonymous.
Having been threatened with mace by postal workers because my on-leash, in-control dog had the temerity to bark near them, I 100% believe this person's story.
Jul 13 stirwise commented on I, Anonymous.
@9 - Exploiting a stranger, and one who seems to be having some kind of issue (drug-related, alcohol-related or otherwise), for your own giggles has always been on my "shitty thing to do" list.

Like I said, is it the compassionate and kind thing to do? No, it's the cruel and/or insensitive and/or ugly thing to do. If you like doing insensitive, cruel and ugly things, have at it. But don't get all sore when someone points out that you're being cruel, ugly and insensitive.
Jul 13 stirwise commented on I, Anonymous.
I don't think anybody is saying that this guy broke the law, or should be prosecuted for filming the woman. I think the point is that there's the law, and then there's human decency. Sure, it's legal for him to film her, but is it good? Is it the compassionate thing to do?
Jul 10 stirwise commented on Enter to win a pair of tickets to Prophets of Rage: Make American Rage Again Tour!.
Goddammit, for a second there I thought you were saying that early-90's Chicago hardcore group Prophets of Rage had gotten back together. This news is nowhere near as good. Boo.
Jul 6 stirwise commented on I, Anonymous.
@2: There are a lot of reasons I don't say "happy birthday" on Facebook, the biggest being that if I have your phone number, I'd rather call or text you directly. If I don't have your phone number, I don't really care if it's your birthday.
Jul 1 stirwise commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Man 4 Woman Annoyed @ Men 4 Men.
Welcome to being a woman. This is basically what most women have to put up with from men all the goddamned time, so I'm not feeling a ton of sympathy.

Oh, and have we stopped using "trade" as the term to describe straight dudes who are open to oral from gay dudes?
Jun 14 stirwise commented on Hillary Crushing Trump In New Poll.
@7 - I've been pondering the Gary Johnson aspect for a little while now. Has anybody done the math to see which side he'd pull more votes from? It seems like he's the kind of candidate that would be pulling more-or-less equally from both sides, though I do worry that he's taking anti-Trump, anti-Hillary people who would otherwise lean pro-Hillary without a 3rd option.