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Jul 25 stirwise commented on In His Final Book, Harvey Pekar Explains Israel to You.
All of the 1-star reviews of this book on Amazon are from pro-Israel neocon nutbags calling Harvey Pekar a self-hating Jew. That's basically all the info I need to put it on my "must-read" list.
Jul 14 stirwise commented on Nipper Heard of 'Em.
Y'know, I spent most of the early 90's going to hardcore shows and those punks are the people that got me into the Smiths. One needn't be hardcore to the exclusion of everything else to be authentic.
Jul 13 stirwise commented on Dear Products: Please Stop Giving Me Unsolicited Pep Talks.
I bought a couple pairs of panties a few weeks ago and discovered when I got home that they have uplifting affirmations printed on the inside of the waistband. It's weird. I just looked at one and it says "abandon your doubts." Thanks, panties, but if I want a daily affirmation while I sit on the toilet I'll just go look at Skeletor is Love.
Jul 3 stirwise commented on The Bar Is the Thing at Elysian Bar.
I used to eat at the Capitol Hill Elysian pretty frequently, a few times a month (I lived across the street), but after about a year of never getting consistent food or service I gave up on it for everything but beer. I think I ordered the "death" wings maybe 20 times, and only once or twice were they actually spicy. Usually they were barely sauced, and generally either way overcooked or way undercooked. Maybe my standards are too high (nobody in this town seems to understand hot wings), but if a brewpub can't fry a fucking chicken wing and toss it in hot sauce, they really can't be trusted to do anything.
(Also, I once sent back a burger 3 times because they kept putting grilled onions on it, despite my polite requests to nix the onions.)
Jul 2 stirwise commented on You Better Run, You Better Take Cover: Bad Trip Australian Psychodrama Wake in Fright.
If you're watching Wake In Fright, I suggest adding Long Weekend to make it a 70's Aussie double feature. I actually cheered at the end of that one.
(ooh, just looked it up and they remade it in 2008. Don't watch that one, watch the 1978 original.)
Jun 23 stirwise commented on Obama Politely Points Out That the US Keeps Embarrassing Itself When It Comes to Family-Friendly Workplace Policies.
Many of the countries that have universal maternity leave have it as a public entitlement, not as part one's employment. Like health insurance, universal family leave doesn't give a shit where you work, or if you're male or female. Your employer isn't expected to pay you not to work, and all you need to worry about is taking care of your family after the new baby comes.
So, yeah, @4, @5, @6, @7: universal family leave doesn't need to have anything to do with your employer.
Jun 19 stirwise commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
Correction! I asked the guy whose basement it was and he says Everlast, Angerhouse, Endpoint and Ice burn. Man, Angerhouse fucking rules.
Jun 19 stirwise commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
The first that I remember was the Four Tops at Ravinia (an outdoor venue near Chicago) in 1985 or '86. I was somewhere around 7 years old.
The first concert I went to without my parents was a hardcore punk show in a basement (also near Chicago) in 1993, on my 14th birthday. I can't remember who played that particular show, I want to say it was Prophets of Rage and Everlast (no, not that Everlast) and maybe Superfly 70? I went to a lot of basement/garage/bowling alley shows in the 90's, I'm sure I'm getting the acts mixed up.
Jun 4 stirwise commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
@27: Agree for the most part, with one exception: marijuana edibles can, and do, kill pets. Dogs are especially susceptible both because they're more likely to ingest your pot cookies in the first place and because the ingredients people use to make pot cookies aren't good for dogs. Anyway, death from marijuana toxicity in dogs was basically unheard of before legalization, but when it happens it's primarily caused by the dog's inability to access food and water while they're stoned out of their gourd (ataxia is a primary symptom of acute marijuana intoxication in dogs), and consuming a bunch of cookies often leads to diarrhea and/or vomiting, hastening the onset of dehydration. Compound that with the pancreatic burden of consuming excess people food...
Anyway, I guess I'm saying that eating the whole candy bar could have killed a dog. So, that's not "nobody." Although, if you don't count dogs as "somebodies" the whole point is moot. Carry on.

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