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Apr 3 deadrose commented on A Person with Contagious Measles Spent Time at a Lot of Well-Populated Places in Seattle and Pierce County Last Week.
IANAD, but I'm pretty sure you're contagious with measles before you start showing any symptoms at all, and the first symptoms can easily be mistaken for a cold.
Mar 31 deadrose commented on A Restaurant Recommendation for Sushi and Oysters.
For oysters, it's also worth checking to see what's on the menu at Gastropod. I've had some amazing oysters there!
Mar 26 deadrose commented on Today's Ambient Jam: A Field Recording Of Foghorns.
What a wonderful reminder of my years in the City.
Mar 10 deadrose commented on Today in Poor, Persecuted Christians.
I'm just waiting for all these Christian business owners to do the sensible thing and go out of business - because after all, people might be using their purchases in non-Christian ways!

That bag of flour might be used to bake a gay teenager a beautiful birthday cake, instead of wheatpasting posters about hating gays. That Mary Kay makeup might be used by a drag queen! And the cucumber, oh my!

So, realistically they need to only sell to card-carrying Christians, but only the denominations they approve of; or go out of business so that they can avoid contact with improper people. I vote for the latter.
Mar 4 deadrose commented on The Coffee Pod People Are Getting Creepier.
I use an old Senseo machine because I can get a good strong cup of coffee out of it by simply folding a filter around the coffee. Still fast, always fresh, my coffee, my grind, no plastic waste. Filter and grounds go into the compost bin like little brown hockey pucks.

I wish Senseo hadn't pulled out of the North American market. The machines sell on Ebay for as much as they used to when new. Just not enough people who like European-style coffee I guess.
Feb 28 deadrose commented on Everyone Makes Mistakes: A Playlist for Mayor Murray.
Ehh, lets go for a more local "Idiots Rule".…
Feb 17 deadrose commented on I Feel Like Babies Born With Parts of Their Skulls Missing Should Get More Attention.
The folic acid recommendation for pregnant women (or women trying to conceive) is higher than the RDI, and needs to be properly balanced with B12 and iron because each of the three can mask symptoms of deficiency in another. That has been one of the reasons given for making prenatal vitamins prescription-only.

The US has only been enriching flour with folate since the mid-90s. This has not only reduced the rate of neural tube defects but also certain childhood cancers.

And as I said, I'm not really accepting that folate is the simple cause of both of these clusters, since one happened in a heavily polluted (and badly regulated) industrial area, and this one's happening in an area with historical radiation and lots of pesticide application.

On a personal note, when I think of all the clouds of orchard pesticide overspray I inhaled as a kid in Wenatchee, it's a wonder I'm alive and had relatively healthy kids.

Feb 17 deadrose commented on I Feel Like Babies Born With Parts of Their Skulls Missing Should Get More Attention.
Interesting. This sort of cluster also happened about 22 years ago in Brownsville, TX. Not only was folate low, but they found certain other things that increased the likelihood among the women there, including high nitrate/nitrite consumption (like processed meats), low serum B12 and high weight.

They apparently found little or no link between the heavy pollution across the border in the maquilladoras and the NTDs, but I'd really like to see more evidence on that part.

The frustrating thing is that you can't get a high-folic acid supplement without a prescription and in my experience, lots of doctors won't prescribe prenatal vitamins till you're actually confirmed pregnant. By that time most NTDs have already formed.
Feb 7 deadrose commented on Which Sketch Turned You into a Monty Python Fan for Life?.
I apparently tuned in right at the beginning of its run on KCTS. So the one that hooked me was Confuse-a-Cat, Ltd. It just got better from there.
Feb 6 deadrose commented on Historic Riders: Iron Maiden June 28th, 1983.
Snakebites and black perhaps? I don't see hard cider on the list but it was bloody hard to find in the US then, maybe they just carried some with them.

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