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Jan 18 deadrose commented on The Abortion Rate is the Lowest It's Been Since the '70s. It'll Probably Go Up Again with the GOP in Power.
Yes, my relatives are staunchly anti-abortion, but they wasted no time in arranging a "mother-daughter shopping trip" to the city when my cousin found herself in a family way. Especially since there was apparently some (get my smelling salts!) "miscegenation" involved.

It always amuses me how hypocritical right-wing morality is.
Jan 11 deadrose commented on Dylann Roof Receives the Death Penalty in Charleston Massacre.
He's getting his wish, becoming a martyr to the movement. On the other hand, if he'd gotten life, people would be outraged that so many black men are executed and he'd not been. More white privilege in action. And on the gripping hand, I strongly dislike capital punishment. You can't undo execution if new evidence is found.

It's pretty much a no-win scenario.
Dec 22, 2016 deadrose commented on Escape from Latke Prison.
I've been told, on good authority, that latkes don't taste right unless they contain some grated knuckle.
Dec 5, 2016 deadrose commented on The Morning News: Housing Crisis Helped Cause Deadly Fire in Oakland, Studios Still Affordable in Tacoma, Video of Women March.
I'm disabled. I can't walk very far these days. Taking the bus places uses up most of my energy (since Metro moved their stops further apart), leaving me little or none to do the actual shopping with, much less getting home again.

Areas without parking are therefore effectively inaccessible to me. So I ask: Charles, what is your solution for elderly & disabled people living in the city? Is your ideal city only for the young and healthy?
Nov 23, 2016 deadrose commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Dear Old—Really Old—Mom and Dad.
This is a non-issue. Actual grown-ups know that talking divisive politics at dinner is no better than giving the graphic details of your butt boils being lanced.

If people can't accept that minor level of politeness, they can have their own Thanksgiving dinners and discuss all the politics and boil-lancing they want. Being a guest at someone's house comes with certain obligations.

Nov 23, 2016 deadrose commented on How to Have the Worst Thanksgiving Ever (On Purpose).
You're all being too upscale. Instead of a bar and dinner somewhere, count up your penny jar to buy a loaf of cheap bread and some turkey lunchmeat. Sit at home despondently eating dry sandwiches because you couldn't afford any condiments. That'll give you a Thanksgiving to remember!
Nov 1, 2016 deadrose commented on WA Secretary of State Accused of Voter Suppression After Mailing Mistranslated Spanish Voters Guides.
Huh, Canada seems like a pretty successful country to me, what with their TWO official languages and all.
Aug 5, 2016 deadrose commented on Seattle's Neighborhood Councils Are Exclusionary, Self-Interested "Cartels," and the City Wants to Cut Ties with Them.
Increasing density only helps affordability if the new units are affordable. Developers aren't building affordable buildings, only the few units they're required to. Nor do they build larger apartments for families. Unless we want to have a high turnover rate as people move away to have kids, we need to address this.

The new construction looks at best like people warehouses, and at worst like some Soviet people's nightmare housing, built with an eye towards squeezing out every inch of usable space as cheaply as possible. Couldn't we try to build in ways that complement Seattle's unique beauty and architectural styles?

The neighborhood councils and Murray need to find some middle ground they can agree on, instead of digging trenches and lobbing media grenades at each other. And the architectural design committee for the city needs to either grow a backbone or get new members who aren't afraid to make developers follow guidelines.
Jul 1, 2016 deadrose commented on I, Anonymous.
@15 I've lived on the Hill on and off since 1980. Do I get the right to complain what a cesspool it's become, then?
Jun 29, 2016 deadrose commented on Seattle's Food Scene Just Got Less Weird and Interesting.
I think part of the problem may be that the crowds moving into SLU are frequently out-of-town hires at big tech companies, and what we consider ordinary pub grub here in Seattle may be wildly adventurous for them. That said, I've been drinking Cody's beer since well before Gastropod, and I'll continue going there and enjoying the beer and food, even if the food is less adventurous.