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Dec 4 deadrose commented on Are Protestors Really Ruining Seattle's Christmas?.
@12 yes, but a great number of them are the professional shit-stirrers & co-opters. I'm not one of them.
Dec 4 deadrose commented on Are Protestors Really Ruining Seattle's Christmas?.
I fully support the protests against the Mike Brown & Eric Garner grand jury decisions.

What I don't support is the same old crowd of local anarchists trying to take over protests and make them all about them and their causes.

Now I feel as if joining the protest would be a bad idea for me, since I'm white. Tarred by skin color association with the anarchists & communists.

Ironic, isn't it?
Nov 4 deadrose commented on The Bowler Hat Is the New Fedora.
I've worn fedoras since the 70s. Nice wide, snap-brim fedoras, not trilbys being called fedoras. They're perfect for the winter weather here.

Now I'm supposed to give it up because it makes me look like I'm trying to be a hipster or brogrammer? I think the lack of ironic mustache and addition of breasts pretty well rule those out.

I'll be happy when they become unfashionable & I can resume wearing mine.
Oct 31 deadrose commented on Mars Hill Church to Dissolve Into "Autonomous Self-Governed Entities".
I feel sorry for the congregants, to some degree, but I'm hugely relieved to see the end of the Empire of Driscoll.
Oct 23 deadrose commented on SL Letter of the Day: Straight Woman Finds Ideal Mate—But Where Is Her Community?.
I'm guessing Nine Inch Nails - Closer?
Oct 17 deadrose commented on Ninety Seconds of the Washington Renaissance Faire (It's Mostly Rat Circus).
Oh please, it's Early Modern English at best < /pedant>
Oct 8 deadrose commented on All Six Branches of Bill the Butcher Are Suddenly Closed.
Fnarf, have you checked Double DD Meats in Mountlake Terrace?
Oct 1 deadrose commented on The Egyptian Movie Theater Reopens This Weekend!.
Pretty sure the 3d porn was called Hard Candy, because my guy & I were there. Lot of people there at the beginning. Most of them left well before it ended.
Sep 5 deadrose commented on Seattle Cop Defends Killer of Michael Brown, Accuses Obama of Racism.
I'd love it if cops behaving like this could get a (non-pro-forma) psych eval for anger management problems. Also a blood test for steroids or other abused substances. Pass both? OK, you like to talk big and could stand to be reminded of appropriate guidelines. Pass one or neither? Consequences ranging from ongoing counseling to dismissal, depending on severity.

There's really no excuse to have rage-filled time bombs out there with mil-surplus weaponry.
Aug 26 deadrose commented on Today's Terrible Place-Shutting-Down News: Catfish Corner.
Noooooo! Where will I get my fried catfish & hush puppies fix now?!?

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