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Nov 6 deepconcentration commented on Today in "Maleness": Fury Magazine!.
weasels ripped my flesh.
Nov 5 deepconcentration commented on The Terrible Gum Wall Ruins One of Seattle's Best Alleys.
i agree, but you're still a troll.
Sep 16 deepconcentration commented on The Last Days Crisis Is Over (for Me).
you done good work there, dave.
Sep 15 deepconcentration commented on Free Burgers for All Seattle Public School Teachers at Li'l Woody's.
marcus is and always has been a major dude. i knew someone would do this, i'm glad it's marcus.
Sep 10 deepconcentration commented on Forget It, Jake. It’s Seattle..
DTRT should have been included. content-wise, i feel like it's a relevant as ever. but ignoring the content and just considering the cinematography and audio mix alone... it'd still be a masterpiece.
Aug 11 deepconcentration commented on What We Learn from the Cop Who Shot and Killed a Small Dog.
that last paragraph; so good.

"So, if you are a man or woman who places supreme value on your personal safety, then it is best to find a job that corresponds with that kind of self-valuation. What use is a firefighter who worries about his or her safety first?"

Aug 5 deepconcentration commented on A Friendly Reminder That You Don't Actually Hate CG.
i hate it. it ruins any sense of "how did they do that?" the answer's always the same: computers.
Jul 28 deepconcentration commented on This Weekend, Seafair Should Blanket the Sky with Drones.
nice to see the military technology experts out in force today.