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May 3 deepconcentration commented on The Crack Epidemic That Once Ravaged Black Neighborhoods Didn't Get the Same Sympathy as Today's Opioid Epidemic.
seemed to me like the public's lack of sympathy for drug addicts during the crack epidemic of the 80's/90's was built around the racism and fear of every member of the cocaine supply chain - the perception of latino growers/cultivators, black cooks and dealers and black users.

compare that to the whiteys in white lab coats who engineered oxy, the white doctors who prescribe, and the white distributors (pill mills, "pain management centers", etc.) and white users - it's easy to see how white america would want to respect the doctors and scientists that started it all, and extend sympathy to it's own who are now addicted, but demonize non-whites in the crack era as terrible people who were destroying their own community.

the white sympathy given to opioid abusers is also based out of a small degree of familiarity; plenty of plain ol' boring white people have been prescribed oxy for an ankle injury or what have you, and after receiving a warning from their family doc about abuse, used them as directed and moved on. few of those same people ever did a bump at a party or smoked a rock.
Jan 31 deepconcentration commented on Adam Ant's Seattle Show Still on Despite Death of Guitarist Tom Edwards.
adam should call marco. i'm sure marco still remembers the leads for KOTWF.
Jan 8 deepconcentration commented on Can Portlandia Be Funny In the Age of Trump?.
born and raised in portland.

my issue with "portlandia" is that it takes a half-baked joke and then makes every attempt to absolutely run it into the ground. most of the sketches don't seem to mine the full comedy of a goofy situation or culture, but rather just pick out something random and then say it 100 times. frankly, it feels like lazy comedy.
Dec 8, 2016 deepconcentration commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Two: The Doors.
"gila monster dick bite" pretty much says it all:…
Oct 27, 2016 deepconcentration commented on Festival Fatigue?.
totally over festivals. rather just see a show, and be done with it. don't make me try and see a dozen acts in 3 days. i got other things to do.
May 25, 2016 deepconcentration commented on 50 Places in Seattle That You're Taking for Granted.
lemme give some props to the honey hole. love those sandwiches, love the owners.
Apr 26, 2016 deepconcentration commented on Black Rapper Lil Kim Has Become White.
been a while since chuck went trolling for comments, today seems as good of a day as any.
Mar 31, 2016 deepconcentration commented on Wim Wenders Got a Lot Right About the Future in Until the End of the World.
loved that film when it came out.

some of the "future" tooling and concepts may have been prescient, others not so much ("i spent a small fortune video-faxing it to her").
Mar 29, 2016 deepconcentration commented on Seattle Must Learn Public Transportation.
the lord loves a public transit scold.