Not enough like Twitter.

Jul 2 Texans commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Glorious Chorus.
How long can you ejaculate? Well, in my case 44 years and counting.
Jun 23 Texans commented on Headline of the Day.
And for the rest of his life his friends will be making the "Remember that time you were in a huge vagina, or should I be more specific" joke.
Jun 12 Texans commented on Fuck Off, Texas.
@37, Jeez you act like I'm defending Perry. Not smug, just want to point out we're not all backwards hicks. Sorry if that deflates your smugness.
Jun 12 Texans commented on Fuck Off, Texas.
@24, Sorry didn't know the Seattle mayor was gay. Congrads on being second.

Jun 12 Texans commented on Fuck Off, Texas.
This will, someday, backfire big time on the Republicans. The sooner the better.

@7, Houston has a gay mayor, pretty sure you can't say that about where you live. It's not as simple as your simple mind thinks it is.
Jun 6 Texans commented on Reading the Obits.
I stopped in at the general store at the Stillwell Ranch once, and years later read the obit of Ida Stillwell in the NYT. Realized I had met the first white woman (as far as anyone can tell) to live west of the Pecos River. Pretty cool.
May 20 Texans commented on No Refunds In the Strip Club—And No Harry Potter DVD Givebacks.
Why can't my hometown make the news for anything that does not involve a stripper?
May 14 Texans commented on Cinco de Mayo and Dressing Up Like "a Mexican".
Can't we just have huge wine parties on Bastille Day and make fun of the French? Nobody would complain about that....
May 14 Texans commented on Savage Love.
MBSOD should also understand that someone may seem a little buzzed, but 30 minutes later, in the time you were flirting with them, the alcohol can kick in.

I doubt he was missing social cues here as much as her BAL was increasing.
Apr 2 Texans commented on Savage Love.
While Marcus maybe should have disclosed, I don't think you ever have the right to be mad at somebody that went down on you unrecipated if they turn out to be not what you expected.

You roll the dice, you takes your chances.

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