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Oct 27 lone locust commented on Spotted in Ballard.
There is a vicious little rumor being put forward by the "No" crowd that this initiative will "hurt low income families" because "they can't afford the background check, and what if they needed the weapon for protection" (Totally disregarding of course the cost of purchasing, learning to use, and properly maintaining said firearm)....
Oct 16 lone locust commented on What Are You Eating Tonight? What Are You Eating This Weekend?.
Just so anyone considering the Pike Event knows, this isn't a free for all at Pike, you have to have tickets, and it is already sold out.
Oct 1 lone locust commented on Why Do Conservatives Hate American History?.
While I agree this is horrible, as someone who spent some time in the Jeffco school district as a youngster, this is pretty much par for the course there....
Aug 30 lone locust commented on Please Stop Fighting Over Reclining Seats on Airplanes.
"I feel like many people commenting otherwise either rarely fly or enjoy getting into confrontations"

Well, they are Slog commenters after all.
Aug 29 lone locust commented on Cyclist Killed on 2nd Avenue.
I stopped riding 2nd (which is faster than all my other alternatives) entirely due to that intersection at University, it's a nightmare. The protected lane can't come fast enough.

Aug 12 lone locust commented on What's Your Favorite Haruki Murakami Novel?.
@1 you are not the only one, I've tried, and I just can't get into them, I find the rhythm of the text jarring
Jul 29 lone locust commented on Ferry Loses Power En Route to Bainbridge Island.
@6 This is going to screw those of us going home from Seattle between 4 and well, late tonight..
Jul 24 lone locust commented on No, No, NO: Seattle's Hurricane Cafe Is Closing.
Just what I wanted on my bike commute, another Amazon or UW construction site to bike through....
Jul 10 lone locust commented on What Do You Think of the Home Dry-Cleaning Device?.
Fnarf, while I normally agree with you, in this case I'm going to absolutely own my disagree. I can get the same press with my steam iron that I can get from the dry cleaner. Yeah, it takes a little more time (though not 30 min), but its time I don't mind spending. That being said, I own a professional quality iron (I do a lot of sewing) not a 30-50 dollar Target model, and I will absolutely buy the argument of someone not wanting to spend the time (your time after all is worth something)

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