It's not very popular.

Mar 19 dchari commented on SL Letter of the Day: Coming Clean.
Instead of replacing "pussy" with "scrotum", why don't we try dissociating weakness from gender/genitalia entirely?
Mar 5 dchari commented on SL Letter of the Day: About a Boy.
He spends all this time talking about how he's so glad he doesn't need to be "cast" into any label, straight, bi, or gay, but then he says THIS shit:

"I feel like I can explore my feelings without having to be labeled as gay or bisexual"

So... he's not rejecting ALL the labels, just the ones that make him feel icky and perverted. He's just fine retaining the "straight" label by default.

Just another homophobic twatwad. Move along.
Mar 3 dchari commented on SL Letters & Tweets of the Day: An Enemy of the Bi People.
I think bisexual people are touchy about biphobia because assholes like @4 exist by the *thousands*. They "want it both ways", really? How stupid can you get?
Feb 28 dchari commented on SL Letter of the Day: HOPE and Change and Second Opinions.
I'm with @13. Chicago makes no sense. Dude, if you got really depressed when you went off anti-depressants, that's not an indication that they are dangerously addictive. That's an indication that they were WORKING, and then you stopped taking them (for some reason) and started feeling the effects of the disease you had formerly been treating.

Also, does Chicago have no idea that there are anti-depressants that aren't SSRIs and don't kill your libido? I'm on Bupropion right now and doing great.
Feb 19 dchari commented on SL Letter of the Day: Predator.
Agree with @6. Of course she's not a predator, but I hope since 2010 she's learned to read social cues and maybe go easy on the hooch around certain people.
Jan 31 dchari commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dimpure.
@21, climb off your soapbox. Obviously some people in a religious community follow stricter edicts than others. That doesn't mean they're all hypocrites.
Jan 31 dchari commented on SL Letter of the Day: Dimpure.
I'm never quick to drop the DTMFA-hammer at all, but this girl honestly sounds like she's looking for a way out of this relationship. She's too self-aware and self-possessed not to see the situation clearly and objectively for what it is: a serious discrepancy of values and perspectives.

Srsly though, can we talk about how fucking self-possessed she is? At 18 I would've been questioning my whole worldview if I'd started dating someone who challenged it even just slightly. Can't imagine what I would've done with a religious nutjob. I probably would've been impressionable enough to convert to his religion and adopt all his beliefs. GO MOS!
Jan 29 dchari commented on SL Letter of the Day: Earlabia.
@1: that seems like some massive over-interpretation to me. NEN never said this guy was as big an asshole as rapist guy. This ex could very well be a major asshole in his own right. "Doing something that isn't okay with him", depending on the thing, could *certainly* have revealed him to be a major asshole.
Jan 23 dchari commented on SL Letter of the Day: Frozen.
It's obviously not a "burning issue", guys. It's a question someone emailed to Dan, and he's answered much more inconsequential ones. If you wanna say it's weird and it grosses you out, just *say* that. Don't hide behind "they must have better things to do!" Just say you're pearl-clutching.

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