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Jul 29 bodhirungus commented on Savage Love.
I love Dan and all, but what if LW1 was to disclose after the first fuck, but before any more fucking? I guess it would be best to approach it on a case by case basis, but couldn't it be assumed the first fuck is just a one night stand?
Jun 17 bodhirungus commented on Savage Love.
I've been sitting here thinking for awhile now, and though I can remember being sexually harassed so many times, and the time I was raped, I'm having a real hard time remembering any time a man stood up for me. Even my husband, the self proclaimed feminist, had a hard time believing me when his friend grabbed my crotch several times at a house party.
I'm having a really hard time with the whole idea of this Men's Rights Movement because while I agree many of the accepted paradigms for men need to change, I don't believe they are lacking in rights.
Jun 10 bodhirungus commented on Savage Love.
Ha ha! the last letter. Seriously though, kinda happened to me recently, only smelled a bit on the skedank side... Any other possibilities? Any chance a guy crotch would ever smell anything like a girl's?
Mar 26 bodhirungus commented on Savage Love.
Yes 32, exactly.
Mar 26 bodhirungus commented on Savage Love.
I think penis perfection has more qualifications than size, shape and attached human. Like does it get hard often enough? And does it then stay hard long enough??
Mar 11 bodhirungus commented on Savage Love.
I'm with #3. I think the second LW is kidding herself if she thinks bdsm without sex is going to satiate her desires.
Mar 5 bodhirungus commented on Savage Love.
I'm with Dan. Spooch= no bueno. Sponge sounds much better.
Feb 18 bodhirungus commented on Savage Love.
Dan Savage, cuck yeah!
Jan 29 bodhirungus commented on SL Letter of the Day: I Be All Persecuting Jesus And Shit.
@8 I think Dan was making a point more than redirecting condemnation. See @30, who makes a supremely excellent point.
Dan, this is why I love you, and aim to be as awesome in all my internet dealings with leotards. This was a perfect email to reply to.

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