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Northwest exile living in San Francisco

Apr 17 dangerousgift commented on Please, For the Love of God, Someone Stop Zach Braff.
It might be nice to know why you thought the movie was so bad. A paragraph on that wouldn't hurt.
Feb 24 dangerousgift commented on Matt Hickey Violated State Law by Running a Fake Porn Recruiter Scam, Court Rules.
@2 I'm also speaking out of school as an LA attorney, but down here the defendant can move to set aside the default, but it won't succeed if the plaintiff can demonstrate that the default was the result of a legal strategy. Here, if I'm remembering correctly, Hickey CHOSE not to respond. Like, the money it would cost to answer would exceed what his attorney thought the plaintiff stood to gain. Again, I might be remembering wrong, but I think he chose not to respond because his lawyer didn't think the court would find for the plaintiff on their theory in default, therefore the lack of response was the product of a concrete legal strategy and not an error that can be set aside. Which is stupid because it would have been way safer to challenge it on a motion for summary judgment or a judgement on the pleadings. But therein lies the peril of cutting corners to save money. Occasionally the court paves new ground by finding against your client and the $1500 they saved in skipping your motion hourlys comes back to bite them in a big way.
Jan 10 dangerousgift commented on Dead Man Found in Volunteer Park's Lily Pond.
I don't think it's too early to call it. This is the best opening sentence of 2017.
Jan 4 dangerousgift commented on The Twin Peaks Soundtrack Is Getting a Deluxe Vinyl Reissue.
This is also Twin Peaks related, issued on vinyl (from Polyvinyl!) and sick as fuck. It's Xiu Xiu's wild interpretation of all the music from TP: https://youtu.be/N23b8LCIsn0
Jan 4 dangerousgift commented on The Big Secret I've Been Keeping from My Skater Bro Friends.
Damn dude, I feel this hard. Thank you so much.
Jan 3 dangerousgift commented on Lindy West Quits Twitter: "It Is Unusable for Anyone But Trolls, Robots and Dictators".
1) Any time Lindy West reduces public access to her thoughts and mind, we all suffer. She is a rare light we're lucky to read.

2) You close by saying Twitter will not be the same without her, but isn't that the point entirely? Twitter should not be the same. The internet thus far has been an informational Midas touch. All promise but dark delivery. Every social movement it's said to have influenced it has also destroyed, surveilled and delegitimized. Every voice it elevates it also silences. We were better off before we all had a say about the new Ghostbusters movie.

Lindy West's decision to leave Twitter has inspired me to do the same (not as big a deal cuz I' a nobody who just tweets praise to comedians), but beyond the mere action, her's is the critique of social media we need the most. I'm sure you're both too smart to read the comments so I doubt you'll see this, but I feel it strongly enough to write it anyway.
Sep 13, 2016 dangerousgift commented on The U.S. News College Rankings Are Out: Washington Has Five of the Top 20 Universities in the West.
Evergreen would have made the list but the three page narrative review was too long to print
Aug 10, 2016 dangerousgift commented on Belle and Sebastian's Tribute to the Rio Olympics Is Worth a Silver, At Least.
I don't know if Søren Solkaer is getting photo credit or credit for that crushing effete pun. If I were them, I would want the joke recognition first.
Aug 10, 2016 dangerousgift commented on Read the DOJ's Report on Baltimore Police Department's Shocking Practices, and Watch the Press Conference.
Finally, the hard data we need to force the Baltimore Police Department to do absolute nothing different. Other departments would do best to take heed and consider how little they will need to change if exposed to federal and public scrutiny.
Aug 3, 2016 dangerousgift commented on Bill Bryant Still Refuses to Speak Out Against Donald Trump. Sad!.

That's right. A True Blood joke because, like True Blood, this election started out interesting and ended up as total insufferable nonsense.