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Dec 8 Last of the Time Lords commented on The Rebirth of Gucci Mane: How Three Years in Prison Set the Trap God Free.
Did you seriously compare this guy to Bob Dylan? No really..did you just do that?
Dec 6 Last of the Time Lords commented on Dan Savage's Open Letter to Paul Allen on Lidding I-5, Righting a Wrong, and Leaving a Legacy.
Asshole leaving an open letter to another asshole. That sums up the 2016 election cycle pretty well.
Dec 6 Last of the Time Lords commented on Our Action Buddy President-Elect.
The Carrier plant may not matter to Charles but I'm willing to bet those jobs were important for those people.

And yeah, we get that they will probably still be shipped elsewhere in a year or two. But when it's the only job you have those dozen or so months is better than none. Though, I have a funny little feeling our resident socialist hasn't gone very many nights without food in his belly.
Nov 30 Last of the Time Lords commented on Trump's Cabinet Picks Include Betsy DeVos, a Major Funder of Conversion (or "Ex-Gay") Therapy Groups.
HA HA HA!!! Maybe the Democrats and their talking head minions should double down on taking a shit on everyone who even thinks about disagreeing with them in the next election? I mean it fucking worked so well fucking Donald Trump was able to rob an election.

Identity politics: it's not good for you...ever.
Nov 30 Last of the Time Lords commented on The Morning News: Canadian Pipeline Could Spell Disaster for Puget Sound, But Hey, Bernie's in Seattle.
Have any of the old time Sloggers found that The Stranger of today would have been mocked relentlessly by The Stranger of let's say 14 years ago?
Nov 22 Last of the Time Lords commented on Women's Colleges to Homophobic, Racist Trump Surrogates: Come At Us, Bros.
@8 not many Christians throwing the gays off the tops of buildings..please try again
Nov 15 Last of the Time Lords commented on Letter to the Editor: From the Desk of a Progressive Who Can Do Math.
The math is really going to suck on election night 2018: The following states have Democrat incumbents up for reelection in the Senate in states that just went to Trump.

North Dakota

And five states where the incumbent is a Republican are states solidly Republican. The left needs to get their head around this quickly because campaigning for those Senate seats is already under way.

Nov 15 Last of the Time Lords commented on Guest Editorial: Now More than Ever, Seattle Must Welcome Upzones.
We're still waiting for higher density to bring housing prices down in Seattle...we've been waiting for nearly two decades for that bullshit line of reasoning to be realized.

And still waiting......