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Jun 24 Last of the Time Lords commented on Hey, Bill Bryant. Your Party Is Going Nuts Over #Brexit. You?.
I forgot that global markets immediately look to the Governor of Washington for answers and positions.

Jun 22 Last of the Time Lords commented on The Morning News: City Council Gets an Earful on Proposed Housing Affordability Program, Three Dead in Lacey Shooting.
Meanwhile, those hated median income renters are being forced out of Seattle to places like Everett and Tacoma and then end up commuting to their jobs in downtown Seattle.

But don't worry! Light rail and other rapid transit options are coming in 20 years!! Maybe......

Remember how The Stranger promised us all this development would create MORE affordable housing?
Jun 21 Last of the Time Lords commented on A California Woman Is Accusing Donald Trump of Raping Her When She Was 13 Years Old.
In the world of SJW's an accusation of rape is just as credible as a conviction!
Jun 19 Last of the Time Lords commented on This Week on Blabbermouth: Answers to the Question, "What Can I Do?".
Well we know you CAN'T question the teachings of Islam in light of the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack.
Jun 16 Last of the Time Lords commented on Morning News: Boy Killed by Alligator Found, Ravenna Has a Dangerous Street.
I never understood why 75th got the bike lane and 65th didn't. I've been living a few blocks from 65th for 12 years and 65th has always been far more dangerous that 75th (short the drunk driver from a couple of years ago who killed that family).

But that stretch is really pretty bad and getting worse
Jun 16 Last of the Time Lords commented on British MP Shot and Stabbed to Death in the Street.
Christian Extremist for sure. Another religion system that needs to examine itself.
Jun 16 Last of the Time Lords commented on Did We Learn Anything From Seeing Footage of the SPU Shooting?.
As Randi Rhodes was fond of saying when she had a radio show: the news has been canceled and has been for years.
Jun 16 Last of the Time Lords commented on Can Bernie and Hillary Beat Donald Together?.
Is it too late to repeal the 22nd amendment? I'd rather keep Obama for 4 more years than end up with proto-Hitler Trump or proto-Nixon Clinton.

The GOP really fucked the country with pushing that amendment but it sure showed that dead President who was boss! No way in hell will we allow the American people to have the power to pick their leaders!!!
Jun 16 Last of the Time Lords commented on What Happened at Last Night's Pike/Pine Pedestrian Zone Meeting?.
You know that you have newcomers calling the shots when they are thinking that the old REI building was just the former Value Village building. V2? Seriously....a smarter marketing person would have come up with a play on REI.