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May 29 pdonahue commented on In Case You're Still Wondering If 15 Now Plans to Send Their Minimum Wage Plan to the Ballot....
a signature collector at folklife pretty much conceded that a ballot initiative would be outspent by business association $$$$, the voter initiative process only works for knee jerk populism like Tim Eyeman tax cuts or monorail.
May 16 pdonahue commented on It's A Miracle That Nobody Got Killed in Othello Park Wednesday Night.
went to the Leschi Community Council meeting re: three homicides in the CD in April. Got an earful of how the SPD gang unit is doing crisis management and emergency response. I'd say we got that covered, judging from your report, the Othello shooting was responded to quickly and efficiently as well.

What I didn't hear was how emergency funding was being allocated to Seattle parks to establish youth programs this summer, how community centers were mobilizing to meet the need for public activities that a long hot summer will create. If occupy taught me anything it was that people were unready for self managed group activities like a tent city or a pick up basketball game.

Expect more of this floundering around from public gatherings in Seattle with the unseasonably hot weather bringing out people to gather after being apart for so long. As soon as people remember how to be a crowd again, the subtle human etiquette and social cues that keep us from ripping eachothers lungs out at the slightest provocation, we can have peace in the streets.
May 8 pdonahue commented on Police Beat: Basement Generation.
@3 thanks for that link SROTU, I had no idea you were an urban Ag freak, right back at ya. We have three farms here in seattle, rot and decay is what we do best, in fact we had a homicide in front of our Union st. Farm last month, nothing says Seatroit like a little deuce eight vs union hustlers throw down.

Unfortunately we seem to be a place holder for L3 zoned development, sounds like our services may be of use out in Magnolia now.
Apr 16 pdonahue commented on Because Everyone Trusts Chris Christie To Do the Right Thing with His Political Power.
hey, you all know that the SCOTUS decisions on this issue has been handed out at least five times, ALL IN FAVOR OF GUTTING CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM. It's done, son. The good guv is just telling it like it is, it's pay to play from here on out.…
Apr 16 pdonahue commented on Let's Build a People's Crossing to West Seattle.
I've been riding the Alki 'trail' to the Waste Water Treatment Plant every day for two weeks now, and it is probably the worst hour of bike commuting I've done since I left SF. The connection between the SODO trail and Alki trail is a broken back of heavy traffic and crossing railroad tracks, (I picked up one flat tire the first day). Several times I am put into a crosswalk with the pedestrians, who's last priority status challenges the much vaunted patience of Seattle crossing etiquette. Throw in some angry truckers, stoned skate kids, and power walkers striding three abreast down the beach front, and I can sympathise with my West Seattle bike commuters now.

The water Taxi costs $4.00 each way and does not count as a transfer on my ORCA card when I get off, plus it dumps me into the war zone that is the Alaska way construction area, so , yeah I can see why people choose to never leave beautiful W. Seattle. I'm personally embarrassed to have to come back to the city after my SODO experience.

I tiny improvement would be to link the SODO trail to Spokane st and thus the Alki trail, as it is they are both bike trails to nowhere, isolated from meaningful transportation hubs by said rail tracks and hungry cars.
Apr 2 pdonahue commented on How to Prepare for a Big Earthquake Here.
After living through the Loma Prieta 7.1 in the Bay Area, I lived in terror of small tremors in the house when the furnace kicked in, plates rattled in the cupboards. Every time another one pops on the Pac Rim I do something calming like fill all the empty milk jugs with water, repack my camping gear, buy some dried food. The reality is that it's really my neighbors I should be doing these rituals with.... I really like this book if you're into disaster porn…
Apr 1 pdonahue commented on Putin Wants Ukraine, the Baltic States, and... Finland?.
Oh Dan, I thought you swore off talking about things you don't know about, (cunnilingus, geopolitics) and stick to things you do know about, (asexuality, cock-rings). Has something changed?…
Apr 1 pdonahue commented on Noah: The Bible Needs More Giant Rock Monsters.
#3 was that part in the book version of this story? how 'bout a spoiler alert next time?
Mar 29 pdonahue commented on Interview With Rescue Logger Todd Shirley.
Asking questions making observations is what I depend on to do critical thinking of my own, keep the information coming.
Mar 28 pdonahue commented on Watch the Mudslide Area Change Over the Last 10 Years, as Reconstructed by Google Earth.
A perfect storm of right wing libertarians, unregulated resource extraction and non existent land management. Remember 'freedom county' wack jobs up North the last decades?… Their founder was one of the victims in Oso. Died doing what he loved best: living where he wanted free from regulators and environmentalists.

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