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Jun 29 pdonahue commented on You Can't Always Get the Populism You Want.
Eli Sanders is apparently following the Dan Savage 'father knows best' school of journalism. He keeps handing out neoliberal advice where none was solicited, how 'bout we spend a little more time reporting on real events and interviewing people who know what the fuck they are talking about rather than trying to shape public opinion?
Jun 27 pdonahue commented on What Happened When One Seattle Principal Tried to Fight the School-to-Prison Pipeline.
Glad to hear Dr. Howard is having a crisis of conscience. That was not my experience with him as a Garfield Parent. He was pretty quick to blame the kids for problems that are completely out of their control, highlighting individual acts of youth stupidity instead of systematic racism as if the two were equal, throwing his athletic department under the bus several times for minor rule infractions, being a yes man and "I'm just following orders" apologist for bad policy handed down to him from district and state legislatures who have underfunded public education.

I hope this indicates a change in direction for him as an advocate and fighter for young people who have been handed a broken world from people of my generation. Millenarians deserve more than old people yelling at them to pull their pants up and pretend they have as good a chance as they did to get ahead.
Jun 19 pdonahue commented on I, Anonymous.
Oh I get it, Mayday makes every act of stupid antisocial activity an example of bad anarchists. Now I expect a flood of complaints to come in about LGBTQ litter bugs over pride weekend, open speculation over the gay lifestyle being the cause for public drunkenness, trash and use of harsh language.
Jun 13 pdonahue commented on View-Obsessed Seattleites Have Been Illegally Cutting Trees for Decades.
the king county auditor is essentially incentivising homeowners to cut trees for view. My own conflict with a Homeowner Association over removing newly planted trees on public land between them and the lake revealed just that dilemma; the value of their home has a numerical 'view rating' that sets a dollar amount on ability to survey their kingdom.

I think that placing the value of your property based on the proximity to a healthy ecosystem would be more in keeping with Seattle's homeowners adapting to the reality of climate change rather than pioneer standards of land value. Yes @2, this is a real story. A slow moving crisis that has real consequences. http://2300lakeparkdr.blogspot.com/
Jun 1 pdonahue commented on Joshua Clover Discusses Riots and Strikes at Left Bank Books.
actually I think his point was that the decline of organized labor has created a change in flashpoints of conflict, that from strikes to riots. You might remember that anarchists tried to call a general strike mayday 2012, leading to an attempted port shutdown, and it was a dismal failure. Now they make no pretense of calling an organized shutdown of transportation hubs, they just riot. It gets them in the news, the cops get a hardon for it and eagerly participate with the latest non-lethal tactics and toys, and normal citizens look on with a mixture of skepticism and mild interest.

I didn't get to ask Clover about the 'asshole factor' in riot action. How do you account for the 'recreational rioter'? the kid who has an ideological predistribution for public displays of mayhem and disorder? I think you are right to make a distinction between people trapped in a sacrifice zone like Ferguson or Baltimore (who did block freeways and major arterials by day, burnt shit down by night), and angsty teenagers with an anarchist fashion sense who have made a Seattle tradition out of cop baiting every mayday.

Disregarding the infantile political sophistication of this sub genre of anarchism, I think they are a symptom of political stagnation and over policing. Joshua Clover's premise is that riots are the new normal in conflict resolution. When the media is completely locked up by status quo fanatics, when our electoral system can only be described as kabuki theater as well, when financial and cultural elites are removing all pretense of a functional meritocracy, hope starts to fade and people turn to more extreme forms of action.
May 31 pdonahue commented on Joshua Clover Discusses Riots and Strikes at Left Bank Books.
@6 so, when people head out and block a freeway (or Rainier Ave. as they did once a month last summer) that's not a riot, that's actually a 'neo-anarchist kabuki riot' . But, when people set fire to the car dealership or loot the big box pharmacy (like in ferguson and baltimore), that's a riot? And, by that logic, anarchists could bring more authenticity to their actions by popping the window at Nikietown and taking some shoes?
May 29 pdonahue commented on Joshua Clover Discusses Riots and Strikes at Left Bank Books.
oh RS don't ever change. Is there such a thing as a "good" riot (protesters occupying factories), and a "bad" riot (people who try to block freeways)? Please tell me the difference.
May 10 pdonahue commented on Two May Day Protesters Were Charged With Third-Degree Assault.

Naw, I'm saying they probably brought those things in to start a structure fire, not roast a pig.
May 10 pdonahue commented on No, Anarchists Don't Want Trump to Win.

anarchists don't have a credentials committee, you can still work for class criminals and aspire to make the world a better place.
May 10 pdonahue commented on No, Anarchists Don't Want Trump to Win.
@ 13

once again, the purity test is being applied to people who dare to get off the couch and do something. Noam Chompsky can charge $$ to give a talk because he is booked out a year in advance and lots of people want to hear what he has to say, he and you both live in a society that is unequal, his role as an academic does not change that fact.

Would you have expected George Washington to tell the troops before they crossed the Deleware to not carry English made muskets? Or to exclude foreign mercenaries from his ranks just to make sure he had the moral high ground before conducting his campaign?