Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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Oct 2 BostonFontSnob commented on GOP's Out-and-Proud Republicans Actually Random Stock Photography Subjects.
@3 Not sure. That may be Century or Avant Garde
Oct 2 BostonFontSnob commented on This Week in Irresponsible Republican Statements; or, Why Rand Paul Thinks Ebola Will Kill Us All.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's hear him out about this "cheap whiskey" thing.
Aug 28 BostonFontSnob commented on SL Letter of the Day: Innocent Virgins.
Five will get you ten the boy never shows. This "relationship" is a fantasy.
Aug 21 BostonFontSnob commented on Everything Is Transphobic (But "Gay Men Draw Vaginas" Isn't).
If there's one thing that social justice warriors excel at, it's attacking their allies.
Jul 31 BostonFontSnob commented on SL Letter of the Day: Love and Lyme.
I guess I brought it up because if the doctor that diagnosed her was a quack, whatever treatment he/she put her on could be making things worse, not better.

I understand her suffering must be awful though, and I agree Dr. Brotto dropped the ball on her actual question.
Jul 30 BostonFontSnob commented on SL Letter of the Day: Love and Lyme.
Article on misdiagnosis and other controversy around "chronic Lyme disease".…

Short version: It's probably not a real thing.
Jul 14 BostonFontSnob commented on SL Letter of the Day: By Special Guest Dr. David Ley.
A friend of mine, after a medical procedure (draining a pleural effusion), had a small leak in his lung and he did, in fact, inflate like a balloon for a few hours until it healed. Needless to say, it was pretty alarming. So it is technically possible. But I would say inducing this effect would be terribly unsafe in any setting other than an ICU. Writer and her boyfriend should just get an inflatable suit and explore this kink that way. Some fantasies are not worth the risk.
Mar 6 BostonFontSnob commented on A Car Tossed By the Dark Waves of the Sea.
You do that, Charles. Feel free to not get back to us about it.
Feb 28 BostonFontSnob commented on Massive NPR Fail This Morning.
They do mention the lawsuit towards the end.

This guy is a scumbag and I can't believe they gave him a platform to defend his vile actions.
Feb 21 BostonFontSnob commented on Coke's Getting Into the Soda-at-Home Business.
@18 Never been an issue with mineā€”the stuff stays fizzy a long time.

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