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Nov 11 debug commented on Savage Love.
How about listening to Rocky Horror because this week seemed like a Time Warp to a younger, more flippant Dan Savage. Well done.
Nov 3 debug commented on Bill Maher on Halloween Scolds.
@50 I think you're just demonstrating the point that one can take virtually any costume and bend oneself backward to find something offensive about it.

Cowardly Lion? Oh that reminds me of Cecil being shot. Fireman? Oh that reminds me about gender hiring issues in traditionally male careers. Wall-E? Oh that movie was chock full of fat-shaming.

The woman's section of the costume store is filled with sexy costumes because that is what many women buy. Women who don't want to be sexy can buy something from the rest of the store, which tends to be mostly unisex costumes. Or, of course, anyone can also make their own costume.
Oct 22 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
Well, now you know why there is a term called "over-qualified" in HR.

Different people have different abilities and it would be dumb to hire someone who can do a job but demonstrates no enthusiasm for the opportunity. Nobody is actually excited to do data entry but if you came off like you were only in it for the paycheck I wouldn't hire you. It reads as "as soon as I find something better I'll ditch".
Oct 1 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
If she has a job then she doesn't need to thank anybody as she is also a taxpayer.
Sep 11 debug commented on SL Letter of the Day: Creampie Catch 22.
"Chum" might not be the best word to use in close relation to eating out a pussy full of semen.
Aug 28 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
@23 Value is perception (even if I did accidentally a word in my comment). If you don't find the squabble of the last two anons amusingly childlike then you're probably too close to the argument. It's the greasers vs the socs fighting over territory neither one owns.
Aug 27 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
Jesus, these last two I Anons. Its like watching children learning about how the real works.
Jul 29 debug commented on Chris Christie Will Have to Pry Our Pot Cookies Out of Our Cold, Dead Hands.
Christie went on to make it really clear that he's not against brownies in general. Not at all. Some of his best friends are brownies.
Jul 27 debug commented on Did Anyone Make It to the Straight Pride Parade Today?.
I doubt someone so fixated on what members of the LBGT do is truly straight. There's something bent in there if you dig past the surface. But who would want to?
Jul 23 debug commented on Ezra Miller: The Sexiest Shaggy-Haired Out Bi Guy Alive.
What's with the pessimism Dan? If the majority agrees with consolidating the concept of marriage in the US I'm sure we can tolerate a very pretty man being outed publicly as a very pretty man even if he does like to have it both ways.