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9:14 AM debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Current BF and the Ex-Intern.
Keep making those accusations LW until your boyfriend gets sick of your BS and makes them come true. At least then you'll have the satisfaction of being right...kind of.

Nov 23 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Dear Old—Really Old—Mom and Dad.
Jesus this is getting rediculous.

"Other than that my parents are amazing and generous people and all my friends really love them—they don't fit the mold of Trumpers at all."

A little less than half the country voted for Trump and they did so for a variety of reasons. We're only doing harm to ourselves to belive most of them are like the blowhards who show up wearing a MAGA hat and yelling "build the wall".

Fuck, these people are eighty. I'm sure their perspective on the world is a bit less immediate as they've lived through many periods of doom and gloom: WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Kennedy & MLK assassinations...

Hey guys, my "amazing and generous" parents are offering up their home for Thanksgiving so let's pay them back by sniggering behind their backs about what chicken-shit "pitiable wrecks" they are...LOL, we're so morally superior, amiright?

Usually I agree with you Dan but today you can go stuff yourself for Thanksgiving.

It suuucks that Trump won so why let him win again and again by lowering ourselves?

If your friends don't know how to have polite conversation in a stranger's home then they aren't really friends worth having, are they?

"And since your parents will probably be too dead four years from now..."

Jesus Christ, Dan. Jesus Fucking Christ.
Nov 8 debug commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: What's In a Name?.
I like the part where this mom thinks the name is the worst thing she's ever going to do for her son. Oh sweet parent, you have yet so many mistakes to make.
Sep 23 debug commented on Hillary Clinton Sits Down With Zach Galifianackis On Between Two Ferns.
Someone has to pick up where now-neutered Colbert left off.
Sep 15 debug commented on Clinton Counterfactual From '08 Disproved by Clinton Nomination In '16.
If Trump wins then we as a country will deserve Trump as president. If that happens I think I'll just allow my heart to shrink three sizes that day and stop giving a shit about populations who couldn't see past their own grievances to vote for Clinton, aka "Not Trump".
Sep 12 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Your Pussy Had a Plan.
Dear Dan,

I'm in a relationship where nothing is working anymore, we're treating each other like crap, and both of us want out. I've already slept with other people and he probably has as well.

I feel trapped, what should I do? Councilling or make it an open relationship? Give it a few more years?

-- A lot of people apparently.
Aug 31 debug commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
Meh, I must be a garbage person because I think the whole Weiner thing is pretty funny.

Sure, I'll buy that he's a victim as well but I'll let him decide to go after the media. Who knows maybe like Hulk Hogan he'll win big and shut down another trash site?
Aug 25 debug commented on I, Anonymous.
How does one snoop through texts these days anyway? Are passwords unfashionable with young people or something?
Aug 5 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Back To the Dorms.
Hey at least now that you've established you're not a CIS dude the number of comments suggesting you're a creepy, immature, predator will go down!

You're girlfriend may not be a complete POS but she's kind of a selfish and lazy l'il shit and you know it (that guitar story didn't come from a happy place).

She's not a child at 23 and maybe a dose of reality will snap her out of acting like one. Tell her Summer is over and she needs to get out. If you want to be magnanimous give her two weeks but I'd suggest hiding any valuables during that period.

There really isn't a "clean" way to fix this if she insists on blaming you for her living arrangement predicament. She must have other friends she can crash with and there are always other suckers out there waiting to be used.
Jul 14 debug commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Crazy Soon-To-Be-Ex-Girlfriend.
That girl must have a golden vagina for him to put up with that BS