Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Sep 27 ean commented on I, Anonymous.
While I wouldn't go so far as 27 and call anon an idiot, I agree with 27's general point.

Put another way: telling a wrecked skater that you're calling 911 probably implies "cops" to the skater, prompting a typical machoskater response. After a lifetime in Seattle, I even hesitate to call the SPD, simply to avoid the nearly inevitable negative interaction. This is as a minivan driving, tax paying, lawn mowing, totally boring middle aged dad. The skater, as an obvious subversive, must have been filled with dread when your implied the imminent arrival of cops.

Telling him that you're calling a medic might have been better received.
Jul 30 ean commented on I, Anonymous.
drama, drama, drama, drama, drama drama drama.
Jul 24 ean commented on No, No, NO: Seattle's Hurricane Cafe Is Closing.
My brother and I have had lunch at the Hurricane most Fridays for the last 15 years, except for when I lived overseas for a while, then it was just when I came into town. Rachel Rudnick first took me there in the 90s and called it "the grunge peach pit", but I didn't get the joke because I didn't watch Beverly Hills 90210.

I like the Hurricane, it's weird and divey with good cheap diner food. I'm actually glad that SLU isn't a derelict sh!thole anymore, but in a year where we've lost the Funhouse, the Viking, the 2-bit (apparently) , and now the Hurricane, I feel like things are moving a bit too fast.

The prospect of trading crufty old icons for "office space plus a small plates cafe downstairs" really doesn't float my boat at this point.
Jul 22 ean commented on Savage Love.
@#2 ahhh haha hahah hhah haha ha hah hah haaaa!! Um sorry, yeah, you're right. 29.
Jul 3 ean commented on How to Dance to New Order.
Charles is right, the sadness of poor old Ian's story adds something appealing if a bit unhealthy to New Order's music.
Jun 27 ean commented on I, Anonymous.
Everybody starts out not knowing how to drive a stick! You'll figure it out eventually, everybody who tries does.
Apr 28 ean commented on I Miss Local Garage Band Steel Wool.
These guys were great for 3 reasons:

(1) they were rocking.

(2) they wrote great songs that managed to be at once primitive and heart pounding, bu also esoteric and arty.

(3) their music captured what seemed to me to be their personal aesthetic: artistry at the cost of all practicality. Their songs were arranged crazily and in a non-radio non-garage-purist friendly fashion. They had the coolest most vintage and custom gear, and it never failed to break on stage. The first custom guitar pedal I ever saw was sitting on one of their amps in the practice space we shared in 1994. It had handwriting and little drawings all over it, and I thought "what the hell is that???" I'm sure one of them told me about how they kept sending it back to get fixed. They spent a whole day once in the studio trying to get a vintage slap back delay to work right for one vocal track and everyone was furious, but when it finally worked it was perfect. Etc., ad nauseum. Real artists in my book.

I remember wishing our band was as cool as theirs!
Apr 16 ean commented on Reform in Reverse.
Dominic, do you get paid by the word for this stuff? I dropped this article into Word and it came in at 17 pages of TNR 12 point. This is an important subject and I'm glad you're writing about it, but sheesh, try EDITING a bit.
Mar 13 ean commented on I, Anonymous.
#10: No, level of government is not a pretty well used standard to define left vs right. "Small government" is a (purely hypothetical) position that American right wing politicians use to woo disgruntled tax payers.

An actually well used standard to delineate left from right is "progressive vs conservative".

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