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Conrad McMasters
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Conrad McMasters is eating nachos.
Nov 20 Conrad McMasters commented on Who Makes Seattle’s Best Sandwich Now?.
Tat’strami wins.
Oct 1 Conrad McMasters commented on The Genius of BoJack Horseman Begins with Its Theme Song.
the song that plays over the ending credits is the one I really like.
Sep 4 Conrad McMasters commented on Another Seattle Restaurant Oldie Is Gone.
I went to that restaurant exactly once because I was so intrigued by the mexican/italian combination.

It definitely earned being on a "worst of" list.
Aug 27 Conrad McMasters commented on Why Is Bumbershoot Better This Year Than Previous Years?.
I wanna know how FOSTER THE PEOPLE ended up headlining all the festivals this year. They had that one song a couple years ago. As far as I know... They suck. What the hell is going on?
Aug 19 Conrad McMasters commented on Beck's Sexting Days Are Behind Him.
hmm... why are you so nice in your interviews when its performers like Beck, but act like a complete asshat when its people like Yani?
Equal treatment for all!
Jun 12 Conrad McMasters commented on Urging a Site to Take Down Video of a Horrific Car Crash Isn't "Censorship," Gawker.
Not the same, but how many clicks did you guys squeeze out of Macklemore Nosegate 2014?
Jun 3 Conrad McMasters commented on The Stranger Gets Amazon Employees to Comment—Here's What They Said!.
A campus full of thousands of people and you couldn't find one person to actually talk to you? Maybe you should have tried harder. I give this article an F minus.
May 18 Conrad McMasters commented on Why Didn't Anyone Notice Macklemore's Anti-Semitic Costume at EMP?.
I really dont care about this or if you wear a sombrero for cinco de mayo. Pick your battles on what to get outraged about. complaining about every single costume "appropriation" kinda waters it down your argument.

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