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Mar 20, 2013 BedlamBabe commented on Savage Love.
It turns out, statistically, that someone probably has put a gerbil somewhere it didn't belong. If doing work in a hospital has taught I or my friends -anything- it's that people are Stupid and drugs are bad.
Feb 27, 2013 BedlamBabe commented on Savage Love.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should she begin with the depo shot, whatever choice she ends up making- I say this not because it's necessarily a poor choice- there's a few ladies already who've commented that they love it, but it's the single option mentioned that is entirely irrevocable and should our sensible young lady find that the hormones cause problems, the only answer is to be horribly miserable for months until it wears off.

Personally, I take a pill so I can skip periods. I have an alarm that goes off every single morning at the same time so I don't -forget- the pill, in fact, because otherwise it doesn't work very well. Nuvaring was lovely [though it can... come out at inopportune moments], but it's prohibitively expensive for a lot of people because of the tier drug it is and I had to switch off it.
Dec 12, 2012 BedlamBabe commented on Savage Love.
As a member of the medical community, even if I am still in school, I feel compelled to respond to CC. No, we don't get that advice in school to give to patients for two reasons. Reason one is obvious- people get touchy enough when we suggest they use condoms, much less if they think we're poking our noses into the details of their sex life and that sort of advice wouldn't fly with almost anyone. The second, perhaps more important reason is this: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should objects not specifically made for the purpose but put in your pooper. EVER. I have several glass vases that taper and then flare, for example- fits your advice, but is a disastrously bad idea. If medical personnel just give the flared base advice, people can still do horrendously stupid things... and then come back and sue because the doc/nurse/whoever said it was all right.

So there is the advice to give- makeshift sex toys are a good way to get badly hurt. Put down the toilet plunger/light bulb/maglight/cat/whatever and spend a wee bit of money on the internet for a nice, featureless brown box to be delivered to your door. It's safer for your health and you avoid the humiliation in the hospital as well as the humiliation I must imagine you imagine you would feel in openly shopping for toys if you shoved an egg up there AGAIN.
Aug 2, 2012 BedlamBabe commented on Savage Love.
I REALLY hope the gag was clean, I'm just sayin'...
May 19, 2012 BedlamBabe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Show This Woman Some Love.
I'm crying with Dan. I know, intellectually, that there are people out there who do the kind of things that you write about, but it's a blow to my faith in humanity every time I hear about it for real. Please, stay with us and raise your nephew... your Son, because he is yours now, to be the healthiest, happiest man you can. You both deserve more than the world can give you right now, and i only hope that our responses are enough to make you believe, in your heart, that you are someone who is loved, who is worth it, and that it is worth carrying on. Gods bless.
Feb 29, 2012 BedlamBabe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Not Wanting Kids—Your Own, Someone Else's—Doesn't Make Someone an Asshole.
I don't hate children. I love some people's children. I love that I can given them back when they stop being entertaining. I don't have -time- for children of my own right now, nor anyone else's. This does mean, generally, that I would shy away from dating someone with kids. There's nothing wrong with that and I definitely agree that it is best you know such things about yourself than that you make people [and yourself] miserable.
Jan 20, 2012 BedlamBabe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Frustrated Sex Columnist.
This letter is so full of contradictions it hurts. "When we do have sex it's amazing!" then "Since we don't have sex that much it's always over quickly" or "we are perfect for each other" vs "I always get rejected" and "we always have to be quite[sic], which is never fun"
She specifically said -she- lives with her parents, so where does he live? Why do they never have sex at his place? And what in the name of Freyja is she getting out of the relationship? No satisfaction, low self-esteem, fights…

Also #18 is a loony. Silly troll.
Mar 18, 2011 BedlamBabe commented on Savage Love.
K. Graves is proud of being someone who defends Schizophrenics and then gets the definition of their own condition wrong, apparently. Schizophrenia does not involve "multiple personalities" and anyone with a modicum of psychological education knows that... much less someone actually suffering from it.
Mar 18, 2011 BedlamBabe commented on Savage Love.
Van Darkholme is Beautiful... -and- he does shibari? I suddenly wish I was a boy >_>
Mar 15, 2011 BedlamBabe commented on Savage Love.
The notion of what would be stuck to a scrap of cloth pulled out of the drain in my kitchen sink is nauseating, not arousing.