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  • What song or movie makes you cry?: Pan's Labyrinth
  • God is: watching you masturbate!
  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: The fucking idiotic one
  • What helps you sleep?: Exhaustion
  • What song do you never want to hear again?: Achy breaky heart

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delirian is cursing the moderators for being asshats. They let neo-Nazis post, but won't let me mock an asshole who wants to watch gore porn.
Dec 4 delirian commented on Tina Fey's Sly History of Calling Out Cosby.
@2: There is nothing you are going to be able to say that doesn't appear to be a white man telling black women how a black man is a disgrace. The only thing that I would communicate is that you don't appreciate talk diminishing the significance of domestic violence or sexual assault in the workplace and that you consider such conversations inappropriate. Then go back to work. Do not get drawn into the conversations and if they continue then you need to refer it to a supervisor.
Dec 2 delirian commented on UK Bans Production of Porn Featuring Female Ejaculation.
Dan, you have to understand this from the point of view of David Cameron. Female ejaculation killed his father. One night his father was watching porn and saw female ejaculation. Bing, bang, boom, heart attack. Ever since, David Cameron has dedicated his life to bringing the murderer to justice and preventing anybody else's dad from being killed by this scourge.
Nov 14 delirian commented on The Morning News: Washington Tightens Logging Rules to Prevent Catastrophic Mudslides.
To 5280, a great Slogger. I'll drink a shot of Sailor Jerry to ya.

And since I heard he was a cop, and definitely an American, this sounds appropriate:

Nov 14 delirian commented on The Morning News: Washington Tightens Logging Rules to Prevent Catastrophic Mudslides.
@125: He was a good antagonist. We don't discuss things here just to hear our own opinions repeated back to us. He challenged them and did it well. There are plenty of trolls here to start flamewars with, but you could have a discussion with him.
Nov 13 delirian commented on The Morning News: Washington Tightens Logging Rules to Prevent Catastrophic Mudslides.
@79: And I'll toast him with rum as uncivilized people do! Scotch is expensive and Jager makes me feel like my teeth are melting.
Nov 13 delirian commented on The Morning News: Washington Tightens Logging Rules to Prevent Catastrophic Mudslides.
@21: Damn. I liked the guy. We disagreed, but he argued well.

Since we're talking about missing Sloggers, has anybody heard from Tacoma Traveler? I worry a little because he had some issues with depression that were discussed here.
Nov 13 delirian commented on The Morning News: Washington Tightens Logging Rules to Prevent Catastrophic Mudslides.
Holy crap. The first bounce was for nearly two hours. This means that during the big celebration while everybody was busy talking about the accomplishment and giving speeches by Eurocrats, the probe was actually still flying. And it appears that the statements that "we're on the ground" were bullshit. I saw the livefeed. After touchdown was announced and the cheering stopped, the controllers were focused on their panels and scratching their heads. You could tell that something wasn't right.

Only 1/4 solar panels is operating normally, and the probe is near a cliff. This sounds like it may doom the science mission. This probe was supposed to last for months, but now they are limiting battery usage to get as much science done as they can before it dies (as well as not using instruments that will perturb the unattached lander (which doesn't have all its feet on the ground).
Nov 12 delirian commented on Philae Successful!.
@15: Oh, and just in case you want to know of some of NASA's pitiful accomplishments (since only the ESA apparently can do science):

Visited every gas giant and orbited two of them
Probed Jupiter's atmosphere with a probe
Four rovers and 3 stationary landers to Mars
Mercury orbiter
Venus orbiters
An armada of orbiters around Mars
Returned samples from comets, the solar wind, and the Moon to Earth
Sent a probe outside the fucking Solar System
Has a probe going to Pluto
Orbited an asteroid
Landed a probe on an asteroid
Blew a hole in a comet

Do I need to go on? How about Ruskosmos?

Returned samples from the Moon
Landed multiple times on Venus
Landed on Mars
Orbited Mars and Venus

And the ESA?

Orbited Mars and Venus
Landed on Titan
Flew into the coma of a comet
Orbited and landed on a comet


The ESA has barely done shit. This mission doesn't mean they get to sit at the grown-ups table.
Nov 12 delirian commented on Philae Successful!.
@15: Don't be silly. NASA funds far more exploration missions than the ESA. You really don't have any perspective, do you? The ESA appears to have pulled of their first real flagship mission. NASA's history is littered with them, from Viking, Voyager, Cassini, Galileo, Curiosity, New Horizons, Hubble, MER, Apollo, etc. Do you honestly think that NASA with a four times larger budget than the ESA will somehow not decide to contribute to "the pursuit of scientific knowledge" given their history?

I have no intention to denigrate the ESA other than to point out that they have sat on their asses for decades. If the ESA continues to do missions like Rosetta and if they increase their budget, then everybody will benefit. Nonetheless, saying that this "happened only thanks to the ESA" as if space exploration has suddenly stopped or that NASA isn't pulling its weight is absolute bullshit. And as a Canuck, perhaps you should be more focused on your own problems. The CSA has a budget of US$489 billion. Canada has a tenth the population as the US. Proportionally, the US is spending nearly four times what Canada is spending per capita. Perhaps Canada should get off its ass and do some exploration as well.

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