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5:24 PM yesterday dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Light Rail, I Love You But Your Signage Fucking Blows.
@6- And how about a single sign on the Interurban Trail at 185 Street indicating where the trail disappears to? It's not at all obvious that you need to take a right then a left at that point, the only indicator that the little paved path along side the road that looks just like a sidewalk is the trail is a brown plaque on the ground that is invisible unless you're nearly standing on it.
May 17 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on The Beast Is Back in Alien: Covenant.
Alien Resurrection was way better than Alien(cubed).
May 17 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Colin Kaepernick Should Be the Seahawks' Next Backup Quarterback.
@7- "As Wilson developed" he injured his leg and couldn't run and scramble as well while playing injured last season. He's very accurate as a passer from the pocket because he's a great quarterback, but he's definitely a mobile QB when he isn't crippled. Do you think Pete Carroll's strategy was really "Let's keep Russell in the pocket and then get the cheapest front line in the NFL."? Pete's kinda goofy sometimes, but he isn't a moron.

I like the way you say shouldn't talk about rushing because it makes your point of view look ridiculous.

May 16 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Colin Kaepernick Should Be the Seahawks' Next Backup Quarterback.
@1- Does the pocket passer Russell Wilson from your universe have a pointy goatee?
May 15 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Washington Post: President Trump Gave "Highly Classified" Intelligence to Russian Officials.
Man this new guy can sure spill a lot of ink not talking about how Trump blabs classified information to the Russian press trying to impress the Russian goverment.
May 11 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on The Resignation of the US Census Bureau Director Is a Much Bigger Story than the Firing of Comey.
@1- There isn't much one can do aside from resign if you're being told to do a job without any resources. By making a splash now one might hope to get things on track by the time the census is supposed to start. Right now anyone in that position is getting set up to take a fall. You can't build a five story building with two stories worth of material.
May 11 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Trump Just Fired FBI Director James Comey.
@27- The Clinton's aren't criminals. Bill Clinton managed to perjure himself when a neverending witchhunt managed to figure out he got a blowjob in the White House. That's it.
He tried to cover up an unseemly affair. Hillary Clinton's unethical actions regarding donations and conversations are completely legal. The DNC didn't break any laws in it's behavior towards Bernie. I'm not fond of the Clinton's, but they're squeaky legal and part of a dirty system, which is a good chunk of why the Democrats lost this past Presidential election.

But stop repeating nonsense from Brietbart.
May 8 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Check Out New Trailers for Blade Runner 2049, Wonder Woman, and It .
I'm still leery of Blade Runner 2049. This trailer looked pretty good, but...