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Aug 22 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Sexist Trolls Tried to Derail the 2016 Hugo Awards. They Failed..
@7- I am sure some of them started it but le Guin isn't written at a 5th grade level and the hero doesn't even shoot anyone (that I recall. It has been decades.)
Aug 19 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Science News: Coral Reefs Desperate for More Fish Piss, Jill Stein Exaggerates Sea Level Rise.
I'm going to change my vote to Jill Stein just as a fuck you to The Stranger for their abysmal coverage of this election.
Aug 18 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on EOD: Man Eats a Pot Brownie and Finally Tells Cat How He Really Feels.
I can picture the look the cat was giving the dude as he crawled around on the floor. It was extremely bitchy.
Aug 17 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on "The Victorians" From Port Townsend Refused Entry From B.C.'s Butchart Gardens For Being Themselves.
I bet the "no costumes" rule is there to keep the LARPers out.
Aug 16 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Clinton's Leadership Team Is Majority Women (Yes!) and House Republicans Want Her Indicted for Perjury (LOL).
The Republicans pointlessly go after a Clinton for perjury after compelling under oath testimony on sensitive but probably trivial matters? Couldn't have seen that coming.
Aug 16 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on What Do You Know: Millennial Voters Flocking to Clinton.
@45- Your first point is irrelevant. The youth vote is generally lower, that doesn't mean they can't become more motivated nor does it demonstrate that people who vote when young aren't more likely to vote when old. They are. They also usually stick with the party they first voted for.

That second chart shows a pretty clear downward trend from the 1960s to the present with a jump for the Obama election, not a steady rate in the last three generations. But nice job finding a visual presentation the appears to support your point when the data doesn't.
Aug 15 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on EOD: And Now Here's the Story of How Donald Trump Tried to Crash Chelsea Clinton's Wedding.
Multi-million dollar wedding, eh? And people wonder why voters do not connect with Hillary. Bill at least pretends to be a hick.
Aug 15 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on What Do You Know: Millennial Voters Flocking to Clinton.
@31- "The youth vote is always leveraged as a warning to the Democratic Party establishment: every election cycle we are told that young people will not turn out if they are not sufficiently "inspired""

And almost every election cycle percentage of the electorate turning out goes down, almost like the youth vote doesn't suddenly get motivated as they get older. Shrinking the electorate isn't helping the progressive movement or the Democratic Party.
Aug 15 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on What Do You Know: Millennial Voters Flocking to Clinton.
"The survey shows Clinton trouncing Trump 56%-20% among those under 35, though she has failed so far to generate the levels of enthusiasm Sanders did—and the high turn-out that can signal—among Millennials."

All the survey shows is that Millennials don't like Trump, which isn't news. It doesn't signal anything towards turnout. Other surveys are showing a steady drop in the belief in the American democratic system. Trump is trying to poison the well on the entire electoral process, the Democratic Party apparatus is terribly out of touch with their base and the independents who really decide elections and seem to feel that being pro-choice Reaganites is their best strategy. It's fucking sad. Trump will probably lose, turnout will be low on both sides, and we can only hope that it's low enough on the GOP side that the legislature will start approving executive appointees again.

@5- After all the catty bullshit you leveled at Sanders through the primary (all while claiming to be "equally as supportive") you really have no credibility on this issue. "Thanks for playing, SLOG." is a Bill O'Reilly level comeback, BTW.
Aug 15 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on What We Learned From The Seahawks First Preseason Triumph.
He did what with an interception?