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5:30 PM yesterday clashfan commented on Why Are Conservatives Fighting Contraception?.
@72: Why only "at-risk" teens?

SB: Don't you think that taking babies away from parents is a governmental overreach?
4:56 PM yesterday clashfan commented on Rachel Maddow Shreds Tucker Carlson.
@6: Try about 14:45
4:34 PM yesterday clashfan commented on Judge Orders Boy to Have an Erection, Let Cops Take Photos.
Dan, where did the judge sign that supposedly requested warrant?
4:11 PM yesterday clashfan commented on Savage Love.
@52: Agreed with 62. Fire that asshole. He works for you, not the other way around.
Jul 8 clashfan commented on Savage Love.
@18: You weren't in Milan, London, or Tokyo. You were presentable.

Did someone hiss at you, or something?
Jul 3 clashfan commented on The American War on Women Continues....
@38: Because it's not just a women's issue.
Jun 21 clashfan commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
Bruce Springsteen, 1988, Tunnel of Love tour in the Tacoma Dome. With my mom, for which I make no apologies. I was 16.
Jun 20 clashfan commented on Guest Editorial: A Victory in the Long War Over Seattle Math Education.
@49: I'm unclear on where Mass was disrespectful or demeaning to anyone.
Jun 18 clashfan commented on Savage Love.
@108: I think you misunderstand mike. He's saying that he doesn't feel the need to break in and say 'Not me! Not me!' whenever the subject comes up, because he understands that if he doesn't do that shit, women aren't talking about him.
Jun 18 clashfan commented on This Is What the #YesAllWomen Rally in Seattle Looked Like.
You didn't answer my question: Have any of the men you've thus sexually objectified complained about such?

Second, I don't answer for 'feminists'. But ogling in bars is not what these women are complaining about.

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