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Oct 19 clashfan commented on Savage Love.
Oodletrend, how would you react if your daughter came home and told you what the LW's kid said to her? What would you say to her?
Oct 13 clashfan commented on Rush Limbaugh Takes a Stand Against Consensual Sex.
I think it was bad form for the president, likely the most powerful man in the world at that time, to have sex with a twenty-something intern. It was terrible judgment, and she is still paying the price for it.
But it was by no means rape.
Oct 7 clashfan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Thanks For the "Cure," Mom..
@4: No, I don't think she had genuine concern about him becoming a criminal sex offender. Mom used the phrases, "nipped those dark sexual impulses in the bud,"and, "a morally acceptable lifestyle,". She didn't talk with him calmly and share her concerns. She didn't try to get him into therapy. She spied on him and shamed him and is still trying to shame him.

If Mom doesn't let this go, follow the second half of Dan's advice.
Sep 30 clashfan commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Tweet Storm of Excellent Advice.
Does someone need a lesson on "Nice Guy" vs genuinely kind man?

It is also true that a lot of the media from the 80s applauded the male friend who held out for the object of his affection, who eventually came around to seeing that he was the one for her all along. And vice versa.
Sep 28 clashfan commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Like a Good Neighbor.
There are agencies that will do respite care. The family should get themselves officially registered as foster parents, and then that might become an option for them.
Sep 28 clashfan commented on Savage Love.
Dude didn't hit up one or two women. He had sex with multiple women from the app. Unless he knows why he did it, he oughtn't be marrying anyone. And he certainly shouldn't be in a monogamous relationship.
Sep 21 clashfan commented on Savage Love.
I knew since I was 15 years old that I didn't want kids. I'm 44 now, and it's still true.

If the husband is unsure, or thinks he might possibly change his mind in the future--bank some sperm. If he has other concerns, he needs to talk about them with his doctor with and his wife.

This saying he wants to get a vasectomy and then dragging his feet about it is childish.
Sep 20 clashfan commented on Savage Love.
Whatever birth control they're using between themselves, she might want to stop. That's a decent reason. And her husband has agreed to it, but he's dragging his feet. The question is why? She needs to have that conversation with her husband.
Sep 15 clashfan commented on Crude Anti-Obama Stickers Seen on Lockers During Tour of Police North Precinct.
Can we not use 'pussy', 'bitch', and 'grow a pair' to call out someone for cowardice?
Sep 7 clashfan commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The End of the Kinky Affair.
LW, do you enjoy these explorations? It sounds like you were hesitant at first, referring to it as 'degrading'. But now that you've talked about it, and done it at least once, how do you feel about it?

Knowing the answer to that might help you talk about it better with your husband.