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I enjoy elephant hunting while hopped-up on veggie burritos, jazz and MSNBC.

Apr 14 Jerry M. Ander commented on The $15 Minimum Wage Charter Amendment Language.
@1 The vast majority of November voters aren't looking for or listening to political messages in May, June & July. The delay between signature submission and verification is no big deal. But the compressed timeline chosen by the proponents raises questions about how well prepared they are to run an effective campaign.
Mar 11 Jerry M. Ander commented on Is The NAACP Staffed By Ghosts?.
Mar 11 Jerry M. Ander commented on Is The NAACP Staffed By Ghosts?.
Oh look! The ghost brought flip phones back from the dead.
Feb 25 Jerry M. Ander commented on SL Letter of the Day: Haters Gonna Hate.
Wow, just wow. When will LaBarbera and his ilk realize that gay liberation and straight liberation work hand in hand? I can't imagine how public acceptance of gays would have moved forward without the wife-swapping, swinging nudists of the 60's & 70's. Likewise, how would adventitious straights have progressed so far without the brave ladies and laddies of Stonewall?
Feb 8 Jerry M. Ander commented on Which Sketch Turned You into a Monty Python Fan for Life?.
I'm with @16 Spam,The Argument Clinic & The Lumberjack Song on Dr.Demento did it for me. I was hooked.

When I saw Flying Circus, I added the Upper Class English Twit of the Year, The Fish Slapping Dance and the Dead Parrot. Great memories of nerd bonding in Jr high & high school.
Feb 5 Jerry M. Ander commented on Clay Aiken Officially Announces Run for Congress.
When Ft Bragg sits in your district, and your opponent voted against military families, you shove it down her throat. Just like Clay did. Whatever it takes to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House again.
Jan 31 Jerry M. Ander commented on A Morning Message from Mormons.
The lingering gaze in that pool table scene nicely suggests the hotness that could have been.
Jan 31 Jerry M. Ander commented on Here's Your Heart Melter for the Week.
Just the cry I needed today.
Jan 31 Jerry M. Ander commented on House Passes Statewide Paid Sick Days Bill.
Great news! Thanks Danielle.

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