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beef rallard is wondering why a copy of that.
May 20 beef rallard commented on In Music News: Starbucks and Spotify Join Forces, While Sony's Leaked Contract Shows Huge Spotify Advances.
"However, it's unclear how much, if any, of these advances are going to artists."

LOL. How about none? Do you think Sony renegotiated contracts with artists to reflect this new income? Fuckity no.
May 20 beef rallard commented on Magnuson Park Picnic Interrupted by Loud, Motorized Mosquitos—Which Turned Out to Be Drones.
There's so much stigma connected to the word "drone." Drones are sinister things that swoop out of the sky, operated by personnel thousands of miles away, and drop bombs on babies, right? Talk about a bad rap! I salute you, Kathleen, for softening this horrible word to include things which are merely annoying. Eventually, with enough hard work from people like you, nobody will be the slightest bit concerned when they hear the word "drone."
May 13 beef rallard commented on My Philosophy.
Am I not understanding how this works or are you supposed to tell us where we can listen to the song?
May 13 beef rallard commented on I’m a Server and I Think We Should Keep Tips.
It's good to hear a server actually admit that they treat everyone the same whether they tip well or not. Can we ditch the stupid "it encourages good service" argument?

Also: @28 FTW.
May 11 beef rallard commented on This Guy Found an Unexploded "Blast Ball" on Capitol Hill After May Day.
Only a complete fucking imbecile (or a shill cop) would watch cops indiscriminately tossing flashbangs into a crowd, but then come to the conclusion that some other sneaky evil infiltrator probably brought that unused flashbang along just to make the cops look bad.

And then we have @georgeingeorgetown who just wants everyone to stay away from those nasty protests, because if you hang around those troublemakers, you're liable to get treated like a troublemaker. Run along home, now.

Real subtle, guys.
May 11 beef rallard commented on Boring Report.
Seattle's Only Newspaper, ladies and gentlemen
May 7 beef rallard commented on Dashcam Footage Shows Seattle Police Officers Deriding Black People.
Is it really police procedure to roll into a neighborhood and order everyone in the street to get down on their knees in wet grass? Because frankly, I would be pretty goddamn surprised if anybody complied with that order without at least a little argument. Maybe they need to change their approach a little.
May 6 beef rallard commented on I, Anonymous.
I love the spin that tells people they're allowed to tip, as if the problem is that people simply didn't know it was acceptable. Like people are supposed to flip their attitude from "Uber is a no-tipping service by design" to "people don't tip on Uber because there is this misconception that it's forbidden," which is designed to be the first in a series of attitude shifts that ends at "tipping is customary on Uber."

Usually when you hear someone saying "well if you don't like it, don't work there" it's bullshit libertarian idealism that minimizes the real-world pain of changing jobs, but let's face it: these jobs did not exist a couple years ago and if they want to create a whole new segment of jobs based on a no-tipping taxi service, then don't take that fucking job if you don't like it.
May 4 beef rallard commented on I, Anonymous.

You may as well be calling customers assholes for expecting you to drive them places, you stupid fucking dickhead.
May 1 beef rallard commented on Republicans in Colorado Vote for More Abortions.
Sigh. Well, at least we'll have some new data to underscore the point: if you provide birth control, then abortion, teen births, and WIC dependence all drop noticeably. When we look again in another five years, we'll presumably see the corresponding increases.

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