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beef rallard is wondering why a copy of that.
in the past hour beef rallard commented on Savage Love.
I think it's interesting that Dan assumes only "puritanical busybodies" would bother looking other people up in AM. If I were to look people up (I haven't, but only because I don't want to go typing people's email addresses into some rando web form that might spam them), it's just because I'm curious and nosy about who's out having fun and maybe in a monogamish relationship. I have friends who I simply wouldn't be surprised to find in there, and hey, maybe I even want to hang out with them more because of it, if you know what I mean.

in the past few hours beef rallard commented on There Was "a Large Sewage Spill" in Lake Washington Wednesday Morning.
The great thing about putting 12000 gallons of sewage in lake washington is that due to the huge amount of dilution, the entire lake is now considered homeopathic medicine and will cure any disease you can catch from poop.
Aug 25 beef rallard commented on I, Anonymous.
God that is weird how libertine stopped responding after the answer from the WSP came back.

Aug 22 beef rallard commented on I, Anonymous.
@90, you have to understand: if somebody is clueless and causes other people inconvenience, calling them out on it often causes them to lash out in a fairly ugly way that attempts to portray you as a self-centered monster who is only annoyed because they're inconveniencing you, as opposed to being annoyed because they're inconveniencing everyone. It's perfectly natural. For assholes.

Aug 20 beef rallard commented on I, Anonymous.
@87 sorry, I'll work on it

Aug 20 beef rallard commented on I, Anonymous.
I get annoyed by people "being polite" and not taking their goddamn turn at a four-way stop. There's a stop I go through regularly and it flows super smoothly as long as everyone goes when they're supposed to go, but every once in a while some hand-wringer will hesitate instead of going, so everyone grinds to a fucking halt, thinking, "when is this person going to go?" Then they pause longer, and eventually wave someone else through, and now there's confusion -- is everyone else that was going to come after you supposed to go? Are you going to change your mind and go since you had the right of way? If a cop is watching am I going to get a ticket for failing to yield right of way? Meanwhile, everyone sitting at the intersection would have been through it by now if you hadn't decided to be "nice." Thanks, asshole.
Aug 19 beef rallard commented on Reader Survey: Is Astrology Real?.
I don't understand this "poor treatment" people are talking about. Unless there's something somewhere besides this article, we have no idea how he was treated. All we know is that they decided to drop the column, then they asked what the readers thought about it. So exactly what poor treatment has Rob Brezny suffered? A breaking of the implicit promise to carry his column forever? I don't get it.
Aug 19 beef rallard commented on I, Anonymous.
> I'd have to ask you what experience you have in translating the RCW

You may be surprised to hear that I have forgotten more about interpreting the RCW than 50% of the people who have ever laid eyes on it. I'm basically one of the select few who should ever even attempt it.
Aug 18 beef rallard commented on Reader Survey: Is Astrology Real?.
I always found FWA intensely uninteresting and wondered why you bothered to run it. For fuck's sake, now I guess I know: if you remove it, people go massively fucking apeshit.
Aug 18 beef rallard commented on I, Anonymous.
"Basically, I am one of the select few that should be driving a car [because I passed the written test and am super confident in my skills despite the fact that I do not actually drive]."

LOL. I repeat, please never drive a car.

Out of curiosity if someone can prove that the maneuver you've been ranting about is perfectly legal, will you fess up to perhaps not being a superior driver, or will you sniff and say, "well, my hypothetical driving skills are still superior in every other way!"

PS: Have you ever read a book about landing a plane? I've never met an actual fighter pilot before.

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