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Mar 6, 2014 loopback commented on Let's Not Build Something in the Middle of West Seattle Because TRAFFIC!.
uh, you know that West Seattle IS part of seattle, right? The line for where Seattle ends is Roxbury, which is the separator between Highland Park and White Center. Neither of which are, you will notice, West Seattle.
Jan 7, 2014 loopback commented on What Do You Think of the Oklahoma Satanist Statue?.
So Paul, when you say, "other non-Christian religions are just going to get swept up in the same category as the Satanists, whether they like it or not."

Would you care to expand on what you mean by that, exactly? Or is "satanism" somehow not a religion in the same way as 'other non-Christian religions'?
Jul 15, 2013 loopback commented on On Italian Food in Burien.
I'm sorry, but Vince's is NOT good food. It's craptabulous plastic red-checkered tablecloth breadsticks-in-a-plastic-sack level italian food. With Bistro Baffi just a short drive away, there's no good reason to go to Vince's.

Seriously, someone saying that Vince's is "good food" tells me that they have no ability to discern good Italian food from drek.
Feb 20, 2013 loopback commented on China Mieville Selects 50 Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels That Socialists Must Read.
I imagine NateMan has a shelf full of Robert Heinlein novels.
Feb 19, 2013 loopback commented on A Theory of White Native Americans.
"Because blacks are here"? Honestly Charles? That's exactly the kind of cultural essentialist behavior I would expect from someone who doesn't pontificate endlessly about race. Native Americans are still here and have a thriving, vibrant culture.

You should take a step back and unpack your weird cultural attitudes around Native Americans. It's especially strange that someone who spends so much time on these sorts of issues would be so blind to the fact that we have a good number of tribes, federally recognized & not, in this area.

To say that Native Americans are 'extinct' is to say that the only valid NA culture is the one that was in existence before 'the white man' showed up. Which puts a burden of stasis on their culture that nobody else is expected to live up to.
Nov 21, 2012 loopback commented on B&O Espresso Finally Closing.
I hope it won't seem too callous of me to say "I've heard B&O say this before about a dozen times that "OUR LAST DAY IS COMING IN A FEW WEEKS" and then ... they're still there. If it's finally true, bummer, but it's not like B&O hasn't had, oh, a shitload of years to figure something out.
Feb 21, 2012 loopback commented on SL Letter of the Day: Outside the Gay Bar.
You know what? being uncomfortable is one thing. "Not sure you want to go in" is another.

I recently was invited, very graciously, to take part in an incredibly important cultural event for a culture which was not only not mine (Hi2U straight white european male), but was one that had been treated mighty shittily by white people for a long ass time.

I went, and I was nervous as hell, and worried I might say or do something that would be a social faux pas in that environment. And you know what I did? It's hard to believe, but I shut my mouth, I listened, and I let things be about everyone else, and not about me or my experience. I learned a lot, and it was an experience I'm going to remember for a very long time, not least because it kicked me in the cultural crotch and pointed out that there are entire communities that live & breathe right next to me, every day, and I know literally nothing about them. And I should probably fix that, if I can.

You can feel as uncomfortable as you want for being timid or introverted or unsure of yourself in cultural waters that aren't your own. That doesn't excuse you from the choice of showing up, and choosing not to show up because "it's weird and I won't know how to act" is, in fact, an act of cowardice. It's letting fear rule your life.
Feb 15, 2012 loopback commented on Black Racism and Lin.
He wasn't doing a "Japanese Style" bow, and his hand motions weren't for forming a 'T' or anything like that. It was the open hand/fist salute that's standard in a lot of martial arts circles. So yeah, potentially a prejudicial thing, but I'd chalk it up more to cultural appropriation. Even Charles does it with his "Does he think he's RZA?", because, hello, the Wu-Tang Clan was all about appropriation of a variety of kung-fu moviehouse stereotypes and tropes. Because doing a kungfu bow to RZA would have been appropriate, apparently? Really though, if Lin doesn't have a problem with it, all the non-Chinese people should mention it being "a bit weird" and then get on with their lives.
May 31, 2011 loopback commented on Hipster Headdressing Down.
The yoga issue would be a more coherent comparison if we'd nearly exterminated all of India, and kept a romantic view of their distant past as the only 'true' version, while marginalizing or otherwise excluding the modern culture that still exists to this very day.

Still, good to be reminded that nobody can be 100% for equality all the time. We've all got blind spots. Dan, I don't think you're a monster or a shitheel for your take on this, but I do think you're very wrong. Not for your opinion, but for your rather nasty way of making the other side out to be "handwringers". Should people just 'be quiet' and not bring things up that upset them? I don't think you'd suggest that.

People can engage in cultural appropriation and racial stereotyping and not be racists. That people might have that initial harsh reaction when they see the same stupid hipster headdress again and again should be considered and accounted for.

What is it about one specific piece of tribal ceremonial headwear is so attractive that it should be on that poster? what's the draw?
May 10, 2011 loopback commented on UW Study: State Exaggerated Delays Caused by Surface Alternative to Viaduct.
"For the routes that did use the viaduct, "There is not strong statistical support for the conclusion that removing the viaduct would lead to any increase in travel times.""

While I'm sure that is likely the case for 4 or even 6 of the routes under study, I can say with solidity that the white center/west seattle commuter who takes the viaduct and exits into downtown or belltown will see a significant commute-time increase. That said, if my choice is between tearing down the viaduct and the tunnel, I'd rather we tear it down. But lucky me, I'm only directly impacted by the travel, not the cost, since I'm not in Seattle City Limits.