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Aug 4 Jen Graves commented on Did You Know That Two Activists Were Gunned Down and a Foreign Government Was Held Responsible for Ordering the Murders in Seattle in 1981?.
@5: Weird. In my browser, clicking the link brings the documentary right up. But the name is "One Generation's Time: The Legacy of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes." I hope that helps!
Jul 14 Jen Graves commented on The Monday Morning News.
To the vulvists: You are right. But the Japanese word used is for "vagina," and the Japanese artists calls her work "vagina art" in Japanese, and so in this case...I'm kind of not feeling your indignation. Keep on it, please, though. I agree that the distinction is important and that too many people (including sometimes me) don't remember it. While you're at it, though, can you also fight for "humanity" rather than "mankind"? I never seem to get any damn backup on that.
Jul 10 Jen Graves commented on Capitol Hill Art Walk Tonight: Big, Hard, With Oysters.
You know what I also forgot to mention? Fred Wildlife Refuge. http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/fred_…
Jun 2 Jen Graves commented on The Rothko Paintings at Harvard That Everybody Wants to See: They Were Restored But Never Touched.
@8: You're not alone in your weeping. In a James Elkins book called "Pictures & Tears," which I recommend, he says Rothkos produce more crying than any other modern art works. Thanks for commenting! http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archive…
Jun 2 Jen Graves commented on My Philosophy.
Amen to finally calling out the "White Walls" video bullshit. That was creepy, the silence about it creepier.
Mar 27 Jen Graves commented on Food Banks in Mudslide Area Need Your Help.
FYI, I just tried donating $10 to Red Cross and their auto-response said I was donating $25.

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